My everything

Hi my name is Ella I am 19 years old and I am close friends with Harry styles. Not the famous harry styles who travels the world with his band one direction, but the harry styles I have known since I was In nappies. The Harry styles who make a complete fool of himself. The Harry styles who I am deeply in love with.


1. just a friendly chat

We sat down on the hill outside my house. We bother gaze out to the sunset and watched as the whole world didn't seem to matter. " what's you biggest dream?" Harry asked me out of the blue." Errmmm i don't know, what's yours?" I asked him back. " to be with you" Harry said he sounded deeply serious with his husky voice. I have known harry for years and he finally loves me back." I want you too" I said passionately. He lent in for a kiss and I didn't resist. Before our lips met harry spoke "get up!"."what?" I said, I was confused" your going to be late" Harry shouted. Suddenly I woke up from my dream. My mum was in my room." Get up" she said " harry is waiting for you down stairs" my mum yelled. Oh god I totally forgot I am sorta going on tour with the boys except they were on there two month break . My mum stormed out my room and I jumped out of bed.

I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth. After I was done I ran back into my room to get dressed. I pulled on some Hollister sweatpants, an oversized jumper and my white converse. I tied my hair up into a scruffy bun, grabbed my cases and made my way down the stairs.

" Hi you look nice" Harry said with a smirk on his face."hahaha very funny" I said sarcastically."come on already you guys are going to be late" my mum said. She kissed me on the head and then me and harry left to go to the bus.

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