Wild 4 The Night (Sexual Content)

Your at London's Most Famous Night Club, 'Fabric London Night Club'. You're there because you saw One Direction we're gonna be there and perform.

One of the band is checking you
out, find out who it is after reading this.


1. Fabric Night Club

"FABRIC NIGHT CLUB ARE YOU READY?!," one of the 1D boys called out. You were there because of them, they are your life and you'll die if one of them asks you out. The night club was crowded so it seemed like Niall was having problems with his claustrophobia.Harry was rocking and bouncing with his curly locks.Liam was jumping and getting sweaty.Zayn was as calm as always, but Louis he was as funnier as he can be.

You wanted him to be with you, all yours with no sharing. He was in One Direction of course there was 1 in a million chance he will hit on you. He had broken up with Eleanor a month ago and it seemed to you he was ready for another relationship. He was ready to show someone else his love and affection and you wanted it to be yourself.

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