My story(Harry Styles fanfic)

He fell for her.She knew he was a player but fell for him.But there is this other boy which is a pure opposite of him,WHO WILL SHE FALL FOR?Is ist Styles or is it Horan?Or is she a Horan by blood?


6. Why am i scared

I stud up and we left the room.Harry checked me out ''Sexeh''he said and kissed me.''I gotta admitt it u look hot too''i said.We got to the stadion in about 15 minutes.''BSE i sfirst,then SOML then MM,then you and i...''The planner said''Amy is going on stage with us on Midnight memories''Harry said''Why the hell would i go on stage?''i asked him''Cus i want you to stay on the stage for the whole concert''he said with the voice that i always fell for''Good''he said when i didn't answer.When the concert started they ran out on the stage.I stayed in the backsatge for two songs.When the tune for MM started Harry walked to the entrance to the backsage causing a gazzilion of Directioners to scream.He lend me his  hand and when i got up to the stage  they screamed even more''You'l get used to it.They do that all the time''Niall said and winked''1,2,3!Straight of the plane to a new hotel,just touched down you can never tell.A big house party with a crowded kitchen.People talk Sh*t but we don't listen''Harry started the song''Tell me that i'm wrong but i do what i please,way too many people in th addison lane.Now i'm at the age when i now what i need woah-oh''Louis continued''Midnigh memoriesoh-woah.Baby you and me stumbling in the street,singing singing singing..''When the song ended Harry kissed me and the Directioners screamed so i had to plug my ears.''Here put these on''Louis gave me some earphones''Thnx Louis''i said while You and I tune started.When the concert ended we gone....

---8 months later---

Finally we're back home,in London''Mum,Dad!'' i screamed and ran into their arms.''Amy!We missed you so much darling''mum said''Hey and me?''Niall asked''We missed u too Niall''dad said and hugged him too.Niall is staying with us at home for 4 months then he's back to the popstar life.Niall and i went up to my room''Pillowfight!''he screamed and grabbed one of the pillows and then punched me with it''Now your dead big bro''i said and grabbed the other pillow.We pillowfighted untill my phone rang''Hellouu''i answerd the phone''Babee,i miss u already,wanna meet up at Starbucks?''Harry's voice came from the other side''Okey okey okey meet ya there in fifteen?''i said ''See ya then''he said and ended the call''Niall get out of my room''Niall got out of my room and i changed into a white tank top and a black skirt with pin details.I took my phone and got to Starbucks in 10 minutes.Harry wasn't here yet so i sat outside and texted Emma and Mia.Few minutes later someone covered my eyes with his hands''Hazza''i said and he removed his hands from my eyes.I stud up and he put his hands around my waist''You now that i would take you to my bed soo much now''he said''Ya not getting anything before marriage Styles''i said,i was 19 now,he was 19,and he said''I love u''i said''I love u to baby''he said

OMG OMG OMGGGGGGG!Hi guys!I just got VIP tickets for 1D so i'm super excited!Do you like  the story?Hope u dooo KISSIES <3

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