My story(Harry Styles fanfic)

He fell for her.She knew he was a player but fell for him.But there is this other boy which is a pure opposite of him,WHO WILL SHE FALL FOR?Is ist Styles or is it Horan?Or is she a Horan by blood?


3. The time is frozen

''awww '' i said and put the necklace on.''Ameeeeees''i heard Niall's voice behind me.''Niaaaaaaaaaaaaaall''I ran into his arms,he spinned me around.''Happy birthday princess''he kissed me when he put me down on the ground''How did u now''i asked''The wholeeeeee school is preparin a party for you duuh''he said  and his baby blues were looking so innocent that i couldn't be mad''And u didn't tell me?!Niall i hate you''i said and pulled his hair''Love u too princess''he said joking around''When is ze party?''i asked''On recess why?''He asked me''It doesn't matter'' i said.Harry and the others wlaked up to me ''Happy birthday Amyy''they said.Harry hugged me and whisperd on my ear''Happy birthday babe''i said''Thnx''...When the bell rang we got into the school and gone to our English classroom.In the middle of the class i felt someone's hand on my lap.''Harry move ur hand''i said while writing in my notebook.''No i wont,sexy''he said while i steped on his foot''Move it Styles''i said calmly while i closed my notebook.Miss Jenkins said''By class,ennyoy recess and Happy Birthday Amy''i smiled at her and said''Thnx miss Jenkins''The bell rang and i opened my locker and took a blue sparkly dress from it.I gone to the ladies toalets and changed into the dress and when i walked out the hallways were empty.I got to the gym and when i walked in the whooleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee school yelled''SUPRISSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE''Harry looked at me satisfied with my outfit.Oh that boy has problems,pervert.''Omg i love it thnx u guys!''Niall walked to me and our lips were just centimeters apart.He kissed me.''Princess i love u''he said when our lips separated''I love u too ya blondie''i hugged him.''and the present from all of us''Harry interuptted us with a box in his hands.He gave me it and i opened it,it was a braclet with a piano,violin,guitar,some notes,a peace sign and my name as the charms.I smiled at them all and touched my tatto,did i mention i have a tatto,well several,but this one is on my arm and its my fav,it's a picture of green eyes,same as Harrys same same as my sisters but not like mine.Harry saw it and asked''A tatto?I like ur style''I roled my eyes and walked right pass him and onto the raised bit ''This is for the best boyfriend, best friends and best sster in the hooooooooooooooooooole world.My guitar was always with me so i grabbed it and started the tune for Midnight Memories and then stopped''Ya now what.Niall,guys come over here''They looked at me and climbed on the raised bit.''Hit it!''Harry said while i took the electric guitar from the floor.''1,2,3!Straight of the plain to a new hotel,just touched down you'd never tell,big house party with a crowded kitchen.People talk shit but we don't listen''Harry sang while i rocked the electric guitar''Tell me that i'm wrong but i do what i please way to many people in the addison Lee,now i'm at the age when i now what i need oh-woah''Louis sang and then Zayn started''Midnight memories OH OH OH,baby you and me,walikin' down the street,singin singin,singin.Midnight memories..''When they finished the song they all hugged me and kissed me on the cheek,except Niall ofcourse.My iphone rang,its my mum''What mum im in the middle of somethin'' she said:''Amy,we wanna tell u,ur adopted''I looked at Niall and walked out''Can this wait untill i get..'' she cut me in half of sentance''Ur a Horan baby,we just found out''I screamed''WHAT THE FUCK!You couldn't tell me that three days ago,im dating a HORAN mum!''she said''Ur dating your brother Niall!''I cut the call at that part and walked into the GYM''Niall a word please?'' i said and we walked out of the room''Ur my brother''i said and he opened his mouth''What the hell,im dating my sister???????????????''He asked''Yup,thats right,my mum called me and sad it''i said with tears about to burst out of my eyes.This means that i won't be safe from Harry,this means that i am going to unsecure and have to open four eyes always.....

-------At home,my and my TRUE parents-------

Mum came into my room saying that the boys are here to see me''Dear,Niall and the boys are here'' i replied''Tell them to come in here''They came in a few minutes later''Hey guys,hi bro''i replied and tapped the bed to tell them to sit''What have u bin up to hottie?''Harry asked me and Niall pointed a finger on him''Don't call my sister hot''I looked at Harry''Let him go Niall,he is a player,he calles every girl hot''Niall gave me a hug,a brother hug.''Lil miss sassy aren't ya?''Harry asked me when they're about to leave.He stayed in my room and closed the door.He pushed me onto the bed.When i woke up we were naked and Harry's arm with a load of tatto's was around me.He said''I wonderd when would u wake up''damn it he was hot.''What time is it?''i saked while he ran his fingers trough my hair''About 10 in the evning i told the guys that i had to do something so don't worry,we got time''he said softly hugging me.''Harry,atleast let me put on my clothes!For gods saith boy''I said and got out of the bed.I put on my t-shirt thinkin that im his now.Then i pulled on my jeans.''U look hot Amy u now?And now i have u all for myself''he said with his emeralds shining.He got out of bed and pulled on his shirt and pants.He then kissed me.''We go on tour on thursday,are u coming?''he asked me''Thats a question,course im comin Styles''i ran my fingers trough his hair.He put his hands around my waist''Wanna go to my place?''he asked as he looked at my tatto's''Sure and now OUT Styles i have to dress!''i pushed him away.He smirked''Or i could stay here''i said''You had enough today Harry''he waited for me in the hallway outside my room while i put on a little black dress with some ballerinas and a silver ribbon in my hair.When i walked outside he wistled''Im not a dog Styles,im a girl''i said while wlaking down the stairs with him''MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM im going somwhereeeeeeeeeeee!''i yelled when we were at the front door.We got into his Range Rover that was parked outside.When we got to the 1D house he opened the door for me and took my hand.''Harry i've bin here before and im not royalty,you don't have to do that.''i said when i got out of the car and he pulled me close''What if i want to do it?'' he whispered in my ear.''Ok ok Styles,you can treat me like u want to''i said and we walked inside..''Lil' black dress just walked into the room!''Zayn said from he couch''Shut up Zayn,where's my brother?''i asked''He's in the kitchen''Louis answered,he was also on the couch.''Niaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!'' i walked into the kitchen

Love u guys.Tommorow another chapter!

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