My story(Harry Styles fanfic)

He fell for her.She knew he was a player but fell for him.But there is this other boy which is a pure opposite of him,WHO WILL SHE FALL FOR?Is ist Styles or is it Horan?Or is she a Horan by blood?


1. That Smirk

I got to school at half past 7.Emma and Mia were already waitin' for me.''Amy!Overhere!''Emma shouted under the birch tree.It was the day before my B-day it was the 18th of August,my birthday is on 19th.I ran to the girls,when i enterd the shade of the tree i thinked-Why do i always finde them here?''I heard 1D is coming to join our class!''Mia said .After half an hour we enterd the school and got to the Music classroom.I play guitar and the piano,i wrote a few songs...The teacher enterd just a few minutes later with five boys.I didn't now who are they but i felt scared from the greeneyed curly one,he seems dark.He looked at me and smirked.Miss Abraham said''Harry you go sit next to Amy,Louis you're next to Emma,Zayn next to Mia,Niall next to Kelly and Liam next to Nelly''The blonde boy was,he was like and angel.He winked at me and smiled.I let down my dark chocolate hair from the ponytale i opend my notebook.My guitar was behind my chair.''Alright class,we are going to enyoy a preformance from Amy Kind,Amy,would you please sing and play your guitar to us?''Miss Abraham asked me''ofcourse,miss,should i sing your favourite song?''I asked witha wide smile on my face.''That would be so sweet of you''miss said''no problema,no dilema''i said,i took my guitar and started''Now you were standin' there right infront of me,i hold on scared and its harder to breathe.All of the sudden these lights are blinding me,i never noticed how bright they could be.i saw in a corner there's a photograph,no doubt in my mind it's a picture of you,lies there alone in it's bed of broken glass,this bed was never made for twooo,i'll keep my eyes wide open,i'll keep my arms wide open,don't let me,don't let me,don't let me,don't let me go,cus i'm tired of fellin' alone....''When i finished we wrote something in our notebooks and after a few classes it rang for recess.Mia,me and Emma walked out on the courtyard.I noticed ''Niall'' is that his name?I don't now,but he looks like an angel.He walked up to me and gave me a peace of paper''Pick ya up at 8''He said and winked ,then he walked away.I blushed and tied my hair into a braid.''You got Niall Horan's phone number?!''Mia yelled at me.Emma hugged me and Mia joined in just a second later''Guys i think i have my first crush''i said ,i was happy,happier then when i got my fav blue dress,happier then Mia when she saw Zayn,happier then ANYONE in the whole wide world.Then i saw Harry,i shiverd,i was scared of him

Harry P.O.V                                                                                                                                                     I saw Niall giving her his phone number.I am very angry,i felt that she was afraid of me,i,there's just something about her and when she sang Don't let me go i felt like i was in heaven and then Niall comes and ruines it all

Amy P.O.V

I brought my guitar with me so i played a ong i wrote called ''You gave me a call'',i played it we ate our lunch,we joked.One more class to go and then i'm goin home.The ball rang and we enterd the school.The last class was Maths.We enterd the classroom and i had to sit next to Harry again.Gladly,Niall was just behind us and i felt a little bit more secure.''Who is going to tell me what ...''When the bell rang,i walked out of the school and texted Nikky,my younger sister Message from:Me

''Nicks meet me at starbucks in 15 min''

Message from:Nikky

''Kk sistah,then we go home and watch horror movies?''

Message from:Me

''Course sis.See ya <3''

I walked to Starbucks,i waited for Nikky about five minutes and when she walked in i saw Niall,Zayn,Louis,Liam and Harry.I waved to Nikky and smiled to Niall,Harry was watching me constantly and i was pretty much annoyed bout it.Nikky sat next to me and hugged me''Sistah!''She said and i smiled at her''Nicks,how was highschool today,sorry i didn't saw u''i said ,we ordered two Lattes ''I have a crush mi sistah''I said after i drank two small sips of my Latte''WHO IS IT?C'mon Ames tell mee!''She said excitedly''He's just overthere sistah,Niall Horan from One DIrection,he is in my class!''I said and pointed to Niall,he was joking around with the rest of the boys,his smile was adorable''He is H-O-T plus he is from One Direction,sis you got a grat catch''Nikky said lookin' at Niall.I stud up and so did Nikky,we got out of Starbucks.


My phone is ringin' it's a unknown number''Hellou?''i said when i answered the call''Amy,is it you''Niall's voic came from the other side''Yup,it's me'' i said while changin the channels on the TV''Do you wanna meet me at Starbucks?Then we could go to my place''he said and i blushed''Ofcourse,meet ya there Niall,kissies''I said and ended the call.I went to my room to decide what to wear.My mum knocked on the door a few minutes later''Come in''i said ,she walked in and said''Amy sweetie,me and dad are going to some friends to celebrate a birthday''i said ''Sure mamisita,i have to go somewhere so can you take Nikky with u?'' ''Sure sweetie''SHe walked out of the room.I put ona a long-sleeved beige shirt and jeans.I got to starbucks in about 5-6 minutes.Niall wasn't here yet so i found a table and waited for him,i didn't wait for to long,he showed up pretty soon.''Did you wait for me too long''he asked with a warm smile on his face''not at all i came here about five minutes ago'' i said and gave him a hug.''So,who is your favorite singer?''He asked when he sat across to me''Umm..Justin Bieber(not in real life) and Cher Lloyd'' i said and he smiled''Finnaly someone who likes both of 'em i like ur style,and ur guitar skills,they are amazing''I smiled at him,and we orderd.A little later we gone to his place''Make ur self at home''he said when we walked into a morden house''Thnx''I saw Harry coming down the stairs and shiverd.Niall and i sat on the couch and watched TV.''Hey Hazza,u now Amy right?''Niall asked him''Is it that girl that i sit with in class?''he asked''Hi Harry''i said shivering''Hi Amy''he answered and smirked,wow that boy smirks alot,then he walked out of the room.Niall leande to me and kissed me.I felt butterflies in my stomach it was wonderfull,beautifull magical...''Princess i love u''Niall said and hugged me''I love u too''.


Hi guysss,this is my first movella and i'm sick so i'm not goin' to school so excpect a LOAD of updates <3<3


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