midnight memeories

A girl called Alice lives with her step dad he abuses her a lot and when she sneaks out to go to her friends to do a school project and come home later that night her step dad doesn't like it that she sneaked out and hits her and gets her on the round and kicks her, she runs out the house in the middle of the night with just her phone, she sleeps on a park bench a couple of blocks away from her house so her step dad wont find her and in the morning someone see's Alice sitting on the bench soaking wet and he goes out and asks if she is okaay but its not just anyone its every girls dream man Harry Styles...


1. scared...

Alice's POV

I was upstairs doing my homework when i heard my step-dad calling me, telling me to go downstairs now. I go downstairs to see him in the kitchen looking pretty angry, "Whats the matter?"  I asked?  "I know where you was last night Alice!" he shouted. Tears started falling down my face. "Im not going to ask again ALICE!" he shouted at me walking over to me. "OK i was round Louise's doing a school project and we need to finish it by next week and i knew you wouldn't let me go if i asked so i had to sneak out." i whispered "He slapped me across the face."Don't you ever sneak out of the house again! and your not going to Louise's again to do a stupid school project, do you hear me!" pushing me to the floor. "Yes" i shivered. " I don't think you do!" kicking me in the stomach. i sat there trying to breath but i was so scared that i didn't want him to notice me breathing.

He left the room and went upstairs. I quickly got of the floor in pain and got my phone and ran out the front door, 

I didn't know where i was going to go i was just running for my life!!

I ended up running for about half an hour, i found a park that my step-dad don't know about and i slept on the park bench as it was past might night.


Harry's POV


I woke up and looked out my bedroom window, i looked at the lovely blue sky then i noticed a girl sleeping on a park bench across the street to me. I went downstairs to my mum and she had make me some breakfast i sat in the kitchen looking out the window still at that girls shivering and soaking wet i went to my mum, "Do you see that girl outside mum?" "Yeah whats she doing out there in the freezing cold?" she asked me. " I dunno i'm gonna go see if shes okay" I said to my mum and went out side in just my pants, i forgot i was just wearing them but i was already at the park before i remembered that i was only wearing them.

I nudged the girl trying to wake her up. She finally woke up and was in shock. "Are you okay?" i asked she looked really scared and she seemed that she didn't know where she was. "Do you want to come into my house and get warmed up?" "Yes please" she whispered.


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