midnight memeories

A girl called Alice lives with her step dad he abuses her a lot and when she sneaks out to go to her friends to do a school project and come home later that night her step dad doesn't like it that she sneaked out and hits her and gets her on the round and kicks her, she runs out the house in the middle of the night with just her phone, she sleeps on a park bench a couple of blocks away from her house so her step dad wont find her and in the morning someone see's Alice sitting on the bench soaking wet and he goes out and asks if she is okaay but its not just anyone its every girls dream man Harry Styles...


2. greetings...

Alice's POV

I walked into his house a bit scared and didn't know what was going on, i knew that i ran away from home. He introduced me to his mum Anne. "This is Anne my mum, mum this is sorry i didn't catch your name?" he said to me. "Alice.. nice to meet you Anne" i said quietly. "Let me go and get you a towel and some spare clothes from my daughter Gemma's room she isn't home a lot so you can borrow her clothes." Anne said to me. "Aw thank you." "Take off your shoes" he said smiling at me. I took off my shoes and followed him into the kitchen. "Sorry i didn't introduce myself properly my name is ..." "Harry Styles" I finished his sentence "I know the biggest boy band ever.. my friend loves you. every time i go round hers i see posters of you." he laughs at me. 

Anne brings down a towel and some spare songs, "Here you go sweety bathroom is upstairs on the left" he hands over some clothes and a towel. "Thank you" i smiled. I made my way up stairs wondering what im doing here in Harry Styles house! 

When i was finished getting changed i went downstairs where Harry and his mum was having a conversation and quickly changed it. "Are you okay darling?" she asked me. "Yeah im okay" i said shyly. "Okay im going to go and get ready ill leave you 2 to talk." Anne said leaving the room. i sat on the sofa not speaking waiting for Harry to start the conversation hoping that he will.

"So what was you doing sleeping on the park bench?" he asked "Urm i have ran away from home." "Why if you dont mind me asking?" "urm well..its just me and my step-dad... my mum died about 6 months ago.." i paused i didnt know what else to say did he want to hear all my problems? "well my step-dad.... well he abuses me...a lot" i pulled my top up to show the marks, Harry looked scared and didn't know what to say. 


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