midnight memeories

A girl called Alice lives with her step dad he abuses her a lot and when she sneaks out to go to her friends to do a school project and come home later that night her step dad doesn't like it that she sneaked out and hits her and gets her on the round and kicks her, she runs out the house in the middle of the night with just her phone, she sleeps on a park bench a couple of blocks away from her house so her step dad wont find her and in the morning someone see's Alice sitting on the bench soaking wet and he goes out and asks if she is okaay but its not just anyone its every girls dream man Harry Styles...


4. Dinner time :)

Alice's POV

I woke up to the lovely smell of a roast:) i was so happy haven't had a roast since my mum died because step-dad wont make us one can't be bothered about all the mess he says :(. 

I heard a tap at the door and the door slowly opened, "Come in" i said. "tea's almost." done i could he the soft voice that was Harry's "okay. let me just get freshened up." Harry came in slowly i knew he wanted to talk quickly before tea..

"Are you okay now Alice?" Harry asked kindly. "Yeah thank you for everything i wont be here for long until i know what i'm going to do, i don't to make you feel like i'm using you." i said quickly before he can interrupt me. "No you don't have to Alice stay as long as you like i think my mum likes you being here she misses Gemma a lot as she isn't here a lot and i really enjoy having you around Alice:)" he said to me smiling holding my hand sitting on the side of my bed. I didn't know what to say i feel so bad for just turning up. "Are you sure Harry i know that you have such a busy life and stories will be made if they see me here and i don't want you to get mad or anything about the stories." i said quietly. "NO no i don't care what the paps say if your happy here and me and my mum don't mind you being here you can stay as long as you like!" 

"Tea's done." Anne shouted up the stairs.

"okay." Harry shouted. Holding out his hand wanting me to hold it while we go down stairs as you do i grabbed it and went downstairs, the tables was laid out romantically and i sat opposite Harry and Anne next to me.

"This is lovely Anne and Harry thank you so much for everything you have done today i don't know what i would of done if Harry didn't come out to find me on the park bench." i said gratefully to them.

"Your welcome i'm glad i saw you out there i dunno what i would of done if i saw you and left you out there in the freezing cold with your wet clothes." he said smiling at me.

"Anyway while we are talking about that tomorrow i'm going to take you clothes shopping tomorrow Alice just me and you to get to know each other :)" she said happily.

"Are you sure Anne i don't have any money tho?" i said?

"Yeah im sure Harry's given me some money for us to go and get you some nice clothes." She said 

i smiled at Harry and he smiled back and winked at me.

"Thank you so much i'm gonna go look for a job tomorrow as well then i can pay you back:)"

"You don't have to Alice i swear you keep your money if you keep your money." Harry said.

"No i'm paying you back i want to!!"


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