Midnight Dawson has always been different. Just what she doesn't know is how different she really is.


7. Trouble

I started to panic. Please just let it be someone turning round, please, just this once, let me get lucky... But I hear nothing more. I sling the backpack round and grab the other handle, pulling it onto my back. I shoot a wary look at the front door, and decide to go out from the back. But I don't take more than one step before a loud crackling noise comes from the front of the house. Suddenly, a voice, obviously being amplified by a megaphone, came through the hallway. It was so loud, I was surprised that nothing had shattered. But this wasn't a movie. No, this was definitely real. I was so scared, I felt as if my feet had been cemented to the floorboards. "MIDNIGHT DAWSON. WE KNOW YOU ARE IN THE BUILDING" I let out a small gasp. I was being watched. There was no chance to escape anymore. "PLEASE EXIT VIA THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE WITH YOUR HANDS RAISED. DO NOT TRY TO ARM YOURSELF, ANY ATTEMPT OF ATTACK WILL BE FUTILE AND JUST END UP WORSE FOR YOU." I was still frozen on the spot. I thought through my options, before finally coming to grips with the fact I didn't actually have any other option but go out. "YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE. IF YOU DO NOT, WE WILL BE COMING IN TO GET YOU." He had said 'we'. He wasn't alone. The whole building was probably surrounded."FIVE!" I finally started to move my feet, stumbling towards the front door "FOUR!" I looked round, desperately searching for something, anything, that could help me "THREE!" I closed my eyes, accepting defeat "TWO! I walked the rest of the way to the door and fumbled with the lock "ON-" I stepped out onto the front steps, my hands up by my ears. There were armed men and women, standing in a semi-circle, with a car in the middle, a black Jeep with tinted windows, the driver's door was open and the man with the megaphone was standing behind it. "IN THE CAR PLEASE." He said, quieter than before, but still very loud considering I was only a few meters from him. All of the soldiers guns were pointed at me and I felt my mouth go dry. Never before had I been so scared. The passenger door in the back was opened by the man standing closest to it, and he gestured to get in. I took shaky steps towards it, before gripping the frame and getting in, the door slamming and locking as soon as I was.

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