Midnight Dawson has always been different. Just what she doesn't know is how different she really is.


5. Run

I just stood there for a moment, looking around me. I spotted Sally just sitting in her desk, acting as if nothing was going on and people weren't screaming for help all around her. I let out a little laugh. Big mistake.
"DID YOU HEAR THAT? I HEARD A LAUGH I SWEAR I DID!" Blaire screamed, feeling around the air with her hands. I carefully dodged them and made my way over to Sally. I crouched down next to her desk and put my lips up next to her ear and whispered,
"Sally, Sally its me. Have I really disappeared?" She gave a minuscule nod f her head, too slight for anyone else to see. "I've got to go, I can't stay here...." She gave a shake of her head
"Where are you going to go?" She murmured "You could go to my house....."
"Are you kidding me?" I hissed "After all this, the police are definitely gonna get involved and where do you think one of the first places they're gonna look is? I'm not going to put you in danger."
Sally stops and stares into space for a few seconds, thinking, and then slowly nods. "But be safe." She muttered and gives me a sad look. "See ya round." She says, but by the look she gives me, she doesn't think she will see me anytime soon.

I'm running and running, All the houses whizzing past me like I'm on a rollercoaster. Great. I was always awful at running, going at snails pace. And now well.... WAIT. Maybe this is all a dream, and all I have to do is wake up! I stop running and pinch my arm, really hard,closing my eyes.... It hurt. A lot. I opened my eyes and looked down at my forearm, where blood was pooling around where I had pinched myself.I sat down at the end of the street. A solitary tear ran down my face. I had never felt so alone.

Half and hour later, and I was still sitting at the end of the same street. I pulled my old coat around me tighter in a futile effort to keep out the winter wind that is making my hair whip around my face. I have no idea what to do next.

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