Midnight Dawson has always been different. Just what she doesn't know is how different she really is.


6. Going Back

After another good 20 minutes, I decide that before I go anywhere, I am going to need supplies and more of my stuff. And all of that is back at Willow Towers. Great, just great. I stand up and brush off all the mud and dirt from my skirt. I begin to walk in a vague direction towards the Home, looking at my reflection in the windows of houses and cars to make sure I didn't look too bad. I caught sight of my school uniform under my coat and started walking faster. The police were going to be looking for me, and it would make it so much easier to find me if I was still in uniform.
Around five hours later, I finally saw something that made my body, which was understandably tired and worn out, fill with energy and I perked up almost instantly. 'Haberdash Road' was written on the street sign. I felt myself crack a small smile. I knew this road, I was on the right track. I started running, eager to get back quickly. Eventually, I reached Willow Towers. I pause at the gates for a second, before pushing them. The hinges creak, seeming louder in the silence that is filling the air. I walk up the path while pulling the keys to the front door out of my coat pocket and when I reach the door, I put them in the lock and take a deep breath before turning the key while praying that no one was in.
I opened the door and peered around the hall in front of me. I slipped in and softly shut the door behind me, the lock clicking closed once again. I dashed up the stairs, all the way up to my hallway. I tiptoed my way to my room, all the creaky floorboards memorised in my head from the countless times I have sneaked my way around after lights out. I reached my door, turned the handle and went in. The bed was neatly made and my pajamas had been put in the basket next to my bed. I went to my wardrobe, opened it and took off my school bag. I then threw all of my bags contents in there, school books, pens, pencils, everything. I then stood up and looked around making a mental list of things I was going to need to bring and what I was going to leave behind. I walked to my bookshelf and pulled out my favourite book, 'Runaway' by Rosalie Winters. I knew it wasn't exactly going to help me survive, but i just couldn't leave it behind. I went back to my wardrobe and pulled some of my clothes off the hangers, folding them and putting them in my bag. When I have checked I have everything I go back downstairs and creep over to the kitchen, peeking my head through the doorway first and when I was certain that there wasn't anyone in there, I went in and yanked open one of the cupboard doors and take out a couple of tins. I then close it and go to a drawer which holds matches and I grab a packet. After getting a few other things and laying them all out on the countertop, I squash them all into my bag and zip it up. I look around and start walking towards the door, ready to go. Thats when I heard a car pull up into the drive, the gravel crunching under the tyres.

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