To the Future

When Draco Malfoy shoots a curse at Ginny Weasley, a mispronunciation causes a different effect than he intended. Can she get back to her friends in time for the Yule ball or will she be forced to live in the future forever?


10. Professor Longbottom - After Divination (HermioneJean)

   "Next we have Transfiguration with Professor Toke," James said, leading Ginny down a corridor, James' friends following closely. Ginny noticed there was another group following them, a group of girls, who kept sending her glares. James seemed not to notice. Soon enough they turned up at the Transfiguration classroom, just on time, they took seats in the back.

   "What do we have next?" Ginny whispered to James near the end of class. "Herbology," James whispered back. Ginny paused for a moment, "Does Sprout still teach?" she asked. James sent her a look. "She taught my parents," Ginny said quickly. "Oh yeah, she taught my mum and dad too." said James, slight realization washing over his face. "But she doesn't teach anymore, Professor Longbottom teaches Herbology now. He's a family friend and an awesome Professor, he's also head of Gryffindor house, I heard he's pretty good with a sword." Ginny's eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open.

   Neville was a Professor now? Neville Longbottom? The laughing stock of Gryffindor? Was James serious? Then another thought crossed Ginny's mind. She was going to see Neville soon. She felt oddly comfortable around James, even though she knew he was her son. But Neville? She had known Neville for years, they were in school together, it just seemed, different. Ginny wanted to walk slowly towards the greenhouses after class, but James seemed to have another idea.

   "We usually race to the greenhouses so be ready to run!" he told her right before Professor Toke dismissed class. Ginny's competitive nature suddenly kicked in, she tucked her books safely in her bag and shot out the door when they were dismissed, James right behind her, obviously inheriting his parents' speed. James' friends were pretty fast too, but not as fast as her. James tripped over his robes and fell behind, causing a collision with his friends, but Ginny kept running until she reached the greenhouses where she ran into the classroom and closed the door behind her, smiling to herself. That was when she realized there was no one in the classroom, no one except for herself and Neville.

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