What Happened In A Year!

This girl called Arianna was dating Louis Tomlinson, but little did she what Louis Tomlinson had been up too!!

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This is my First Movellas written by myself so sorry for any mistakes!


11. Chaptet11!-Bonfire Night.

Tonight was bonfire night and my father was holding a party at his. My mother and my father are very close friends. My mother and my father were going out and had me. The still became friends after I was born even tho they were. It together anymore. Everyone who was going to be there tonight was Me, My Father, Emily, Princess, Junior, Mike, Chris, Danny, Carl, My Mother, Sylvain, Freya and My Granny Pasty. There going to be loads of us there. 

As I was driving down in my car to my fathers and my mother, Sylvain, Freya and My granny Pasty were driving down behind me in my mother's car to my Fathers house Louis Phoned me. He hadn't tried to phone me in a few weeks. I decide to answer. I put it on as I was driving as my phone is hocked to my car.

"Hello" I said in a cheery voice. Acting like I didn't know it was him.

"Hi Arianna" he said quietly.

"Louis! What do you want?"

"Can we have a chat please. My mother was telling me how you have moved out and found a place. Please!"

"Why should I, you totally humiliation me!"

"I know I don't deserve your time but please. The boys were not happy at me for what I did and I regret everything I did. Please can we have a chat?"


"Tomorrow at our house around 3?"


"Okay, thank you."

"Okay bye" and then I hung up.

I was telling my mother what he was saying and that we were going to have a chat. I knew we needed to have a chat. 

<<<3hours Later>>>

We finally arrived at my fathers. It was 5 o'clock. When we got in an said hello to everybody I went to speak to my father. I told him what happening tomorrow. He asked if he wanted to drive down and drop me off but i said it was ok.

We were all staying at my fathers tonight. Everybody was having a drink tonight so it was going to be a laugh. It was not a minute till 7 and my father was away to start the bonfire. the fireworks started and I had Freya on my back like a kiddie back. We were all having a laugh. 

I was around half 11 and I decide to call it a night. All the children were in bed and I was sharing a room with Princess, Freya, and Junior. That night I fell asleep thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow.

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