Concert with my best friend - a One Direction fan fiction


3. the concert

It's time. I walk on stage with the microphone. I stay in the middle of the stage "hello everyone. Are you ready??" the screams get louder "WELCOME TO ONE DIRECTION!" I scream in the microphone. The screams from the crowd gets louder. I walk off stage. Niall wait on me backstage "good job babe" he says and kiss me on the check. I smile " thank you and good luck babe" he smiles "stay till the concert is done" "I will" I say and he smile big and walk off to the stage. The crowd goes wild. It's amazing to see.

Now it's time for a lucky girl to get on stage. The dancers come backstage and being me and my friend to the stage we sit in a chair. The boys sing to us. She cries I smile. When the song is over Niall kiss me on my mouth again. Zayn kiss my friend on her check. The crowd goes wild. I smile and walk off stage together the boys. After they have finished their songs they come back stage. We hang out in a long time after the show.

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