The teacher who loves me:

Diana lloyd is 14 about to be 15. She is popular in her school. She DOESINT have a boyfriend. She has nice friends and allot of them. She is a cheerleader. School is out right now but she is still a cheerleader and popular she makes the coolest parties ever. What happenes when she enters school again and there is a new super cute, hot teacher? Is the teacher in love with with Diana?


2. Chapter 2:

Diana's POV:

We stopped at the food store be side el called her mom if she can sleepover and it was great because we started the first day of school on a Friday, gladly her mom said yes. We got Chips like, takis, hot Cheetos, lays. We also got popcorn, candy, more food, just in case. We also rented 7 movies. We both had bags on each hands. We got to my house and this is what really surprised me, there was a car next door. The house next door was on sale the Owner was selling it like mabye for 2 weeks now. I guess they bought it. I opened the door and I got surprised even more Mr.G was there. " hi mom " I said my voice shrieking. " hello Mrs.christine " el said to my mom. " hello Mr.G " me and el said. " oh I see you two girls met ROBERT GARDNER " my mom said. " yeah he is one of our teachers" I said. " he just moved next door " my mom said. My hear stopped beating for a second. " el lets go upstairs and put the bags and go to you're house to get you clothes " I said. 

~ at els house ~

" What the hell is wrong with that teacher " I said to el wich was getting pjs and clothes for tommorow. " I don't know but he was staring at me also wich was creepy " she said. " see that's the feeling I get when he stares at me " I said. " ok I'm ready lets go " el said and we walked out. 

~ At my house ~

I opend the door and Mr.G was still there. We still had on our uniform on, wich I hate because he is a perv. He saw me and bit his lower lip. We went upstairs and stayed upstairs and locked the door and closed all the windows. I had a big house so I had a big room, walk in closet, mini fridge, microwave, a small kitchen and more. We watched a nightmare on elm street first but I made popcorn and opened the food. I had a water bed and it was big so we went on it. I grabbed the popcorn and sat down. After that movie was done me and el went downstairs. I grabbed my iPhone 5s and checked the time. " it was 11:59 one minute till 12 " I told el. My parents were downstairs my dad gets home from work at 10:00 so he comes late. Surprised again my parents were unloading the sofa bed. " Mr.G is going to sleep here for today because he still DOESINT have his bed in his house yet " my dad said. I stared. Me and el looked at Mr.G he was smirking. We were in our pjs now. El was wearing pj shorts and a red tank top wich showed a bit of cleavage, and I was wearing also pj shorts wich were so warm and a orange tank top wich showed a bit of cleavage also. I grabbed the two water bottles and handed one to el. " here you go Robert use some of pjs " my dad said. " now Diana dont be rude and show your teacher to the bathroom " my dad said. I nodded and me and el walked to the upstairs bathroom. He was following us. " we will wait for you here so we can show you were the stairs are " I said. He nodded before touching els cheek and stroking her long blond hair, and went inside the bathroom. I whispered to her. " that was wierd he likes you too " I said. She nodded. He came out dressed in my fathers pjs. He looked great in them he is hot but he is too old for him to like us. He gave me a wink and went downstairs. We sure do have a wierd teacher.

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