The teacher who loves me:

Diana lloyd is 14 about to be 15. She is popular in her school. She DOESINT have a boyfriend. She has nice friends and allot of them. She is a cheerleader. School is out right now but she is still a cheerleader and popular she makes the coolest parties ever. What happenes when she enters school again and there is a new super cute, hot teacher? Is the teacher in love with with Diana?


1. Chapter 1:

Diana's POV:

Today is the first day of school. Me and my Best friend were going walking together to school. She lives right next door, her name is Elizabeth Konner. I took a shower and the blowed dried my long strait dirty blonde hair. I straitened my hair and curled the tips. I put on my school uniform. It was just a a shirt and a skirt. I liked the shirt but the skirt was too much it was so short you had to keep fixing it every minute, the problem with this school they choose the uniforms, food, classes, everything. I went downstairs to eat and went back upstairs to wash my teeth. Then I put on makeup, not too much don't want to look like a clown now. I just put mascara, eyeliner, blush, and shiny pink lipgloss. I looked my self over the mirror I looked great I thought. I was skinny not super skinny but a right amount of skinny. I had long dirty blond hair and torque se eyes. I heard the door bell rang. " honey it's Elizabeth " my mom Christine yelled. " I'm coming " I said grabbing my backpack and heading downstairs. We walked and talked the whole way to school. I had all the same classes with Elizabeth. The day went on great, until last period wich was better. The teacher was super hot. Everyone kept saying so also. The teachers name was " Mr.Garcia ". " ok class today will be introducing ourselves so you will have to come up here and speak " Mr. G said. People went on and then it was Elizabeth and then mine turn I was last. I went up and I could feel a stare from the teacher. I suddenly felt unconftarable and fixed my skirt not to show anything. I said it really fast and went to sit down. " ok class here is a sheet to do today about Japan history " he said handing out sheets. People were finishing thier tests and got up and handed them to Mr.G. I was done and went to give it to him when I RECIEVE those stares from him. He smirked at me. I turned around and walked away to my desk. We can talk because we were done, so I decided to talk to elizebeth. " el ( nickname ) I think the teacher likes me he keeps staring at me and smirking and giving me those stares and staring at me. " I said. " I have noticed " el said. " see what I mean " I said. " like where does he stare. " she asked. " everywhere but mostly my bum and chest " I said. " so you're butt and you're boobs " she said. I nodded. " you could have used the other words " I told her. " I'm just 14 he is like 30 or mabye like 29 he is too old " I said still whispering. " come to my house " I asked her. She nodded. 

The bell rang and everybody got out. " oh girls elizebeth and um Diana could you please help me pick out garbage from the floor while I do paper work " he asked. No we have to kneel and then our bums are going to show. " sure Mr.G " we both said. We knelt down carefully picking up trash. We were don't and left to my house.

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