Together Forever (Sequel to You and I)

"Will we be together forever?" I asked worried.
"Of course we will!" He said then kissed me.


2. What are you?

I was slowly swaying on the swing and Rebecca was on the phone talking to Louis.I'm still jealous.I'm not gonna give up until i get him.I need him.He was my everything. My world.I need to tell i don't.The boys finally arrived and we gave them a friendly hug.Rebecca and Louis were kissing and i was just awkwardly staring at them, Chandler was awkwardly staring at me.I sat back down on the swing looking at a polaroid picture on the ground.I gently picked it up and stared.Louis and me?How did that get here.It was me and him kissing.Those days are long gone.Louis walked over to me and noticed i was looking at something.

"I was gonna give that to you." Rebecca came behind. "Give what?" I tucked the photo in my jacket pocket.

"Umm nothing."

"Ok well Can I talk to you for a while. Alone?" She asked me.

I walked and followed her. Louis took my spot on the swing.

"Are you okay? You seem like you hate Louis. Did he do anything to you." Oh no. I couldn't tell her. I broke down crying. I couldn't help myself. "He was a perfect boyfriend and I loved him with all my heart. He's my ex Rebecca." I continue crying, but I couldn't hear anything from Rebecca's mouth. I imagined she had a shocked face. I knelt down.

"You could have told me earlier."

"I didn't want to ruin your relationship."

"Aww come here." She gave me friendly hug. What was gonna do now? I don't want to hurt her. I should have just shut up.

"You have my number right?" She asked me.


"Ok good. I'm gonna go back."

"Ok." She walked back to school. I quickly followed her behind her back,but someone stopped me. I turned around it was Rebecca?

"What?" I kept turning my head back and forth.

"Hey!" She said.

" I thought you were heading back to school-"

"Shhhh. Let me talk. You must be dreaming. What are you saying?" Louis and Chandler were still talking on the swings, but they suddenly disappeared. I quickly turned my head to Rebecca. Her hands gripped my arms to a wall near by. Suddenly everything got dark and moldy. Rebecca's eyes were glowing red. She was Trying to curse me. Her grip got tighter. Somehow her magic didn't work. On me. I hardly kicked her back so she would let go. She fell to the ground as I quickly ran to school into Chandler and Louis' room. That's the only place I felt safe. They were lying on the floor. This was a nightmare!! Rebecca came up behind me.

"Looking for help?" I screamed but no one heard me. "They will only wake up if you kiss one of them. Which will never happen because you hate them."

"Oh ya?lets see about that." I loved Louis but I Loved Chandler.

I knelt down next to Louis,stroking his hair. Haven't done that in a while. Then everything vanished. Again. What freakin happened. I wake up lying on the floor Chandler about kiss me. I turned my head so he would kiss my ear instead. Haha!

"Eew. Why did you do that? i was making out with your ear!"

Chandler backed away and behind him was Louis. I was in their room.

"Why were you about to kiss me?"

"I thought you were dead so true loves kiss!"

"Are you okay?" Louis asked me.

"I'm perfectly fine."

"Are you sure ? Your shaking. Here's a blanket." Louis handed me a fluffy blanket which kept me extra warm. I got up and thanked them for keeping me safe.

"I had this crazy dream." I said.

"WHAT WAS IT?" They both asked.

"Well..." I told them about Rebecca.

"I have something to ask. Have any of you seen her?"Louis asked. "She has been gone since the park."

"Well at the end of my dream. It was kinda blurry but I noticed her walking out an exit. Maybe she left?"

"She couldn't leave me!" Louis said about to cry.

"Well you left me Louis. This is how I felt. You never noticed."

"I'm so sorry honey." He apologized and gave me a hug.

"Wait. What going is on here?" Chandler asked.

"Long story." I said.

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