Together Forever (Sequel to You and I)

"Will we be together forever?" I asked worried.
"Of course we will!" He said then kissed me.


3. She's gone?

I reached my room. Rebecca's stuff were gone. I don't know what to say. I checked my jacket pocket. And me and Louis' Polaroid picture was there. We were so happy together. Louis came to my room to tell me something.

"Hi umm. I have some news. Bad news. Rebecca left. The office told me she wanted to leave and be alone and she just left like that."

In my heart I was so happy. This could be my chance. The chance to show him how much I love him.

"I'm sorry about that but you know if you need some distractions I'm here.Not in that kinda way ,I mean like to have a laugh with. I'll be there."

"Thank you Taylor. That's really nice."

Louis' POV

"Thank you Taylor. That's really nice. " I told her. I liked Rebecca but Taylor is pretty hot. Have to say. I'm sure I would be happy to go back with her if she forgives me. I want her. Honestly I wasn't really happy with Rebecca. Taylor is the best. I'm her first kiss and I would love to be her last. Boy, that's deep.

"I'll call you later. " I told her and left to go back to my dorm.I stopped walking for a minute.She was all alone with nothing to do.Plus school only starts tomorrow!I turned around and knocked on her door.She opened it in a few seconds.

"What are you doing here? again?"

"Would you like to maybe come over cause Chandler's out and Rebecca's gone." I said scratching my neck. This was like me and Taylor all over again, so it must be fun. Taylor agreed and followed me into my room. We had a laugh about some funny things and maybe kissed?

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