The Love of FourTris

This story is about the original love between Tobias Eaton (Four) and Beatrice Prior (Tris) during the horrible new world that is now their home.


1. Is Four Falling in Love?

Tobias on the day of the ceremony

I'll never forget the day I first met Tris. At first I couldn't believe a Stiff was the first jumper. Only I didn't know her back then. I have to admit I kind of admired her. It felt good to hold her in my arms for that spilt second I caught her from the net. I noticed she hesitated when I asked her for her name. Only she said "Tris" so strongly and bodly, that she sounded proud. Was she joining us to escape Abnegation for a certain, personal reason too? Was she starting her whole life over. Too have a new future? She seemed different in a good and dangerous way. She was from Abnegation yet she had the guts to do something crazy, something Dauntless. It doesn't for right. Maybe she's even Divergent. Is it true she could be like me? Why do I have a certain feeling for her that others don't? We are Dauntless though. We can't afford to love, too many dangers for our faction to have a guarantee at a good loving life. With a wife and kids, no guarantee for safety. I know this so why can't I remove this extra strong feeling for her? This little Stiff... One of my students is making me feel a new emotion. It makes me worried.

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