Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


6. What just happened


We were all sitting on the couch.Emmie was talking to Louis when all of a sudden someone knocks on the door.

"ILL GET IT!"Emmie yelled running to the door."What's her deal"I whispered to Niall.But he shrugged his shoulders.When she opened the door this guy walked in."MIGGY!"Emmie shouted kissing him.WHO THE HELL WAS THIS GUY!And y was she kissing him.

Let me guess,that's the boyfriend he told us about."EM!I missed u!" 'Miguel' said kissing her on the cheek.I got so jealous!First she has a boyfriend and doesn't tell us and then she kisses him right in front of me...I mean us.

"Sup guys I'm Miguel,Emma's boyfriend"Miguel said shaking our hands."Nice to meet u mate"I tried saying even tho I was quite mad with jealously.

----------------------------2 hours later----------------------------------

We were still in the living room talking to Miguel.There was something about this guy I didn't like."Well I have to go to the bathroom,I'm still have to shower.ill be back in like 20 min."Emmie got up,gave Miguel a kiss,then she went into the bathroom to take a shower.The guys left about 5 min later into their rooms.But I had to have a talk with Emma's 'Boyfriend'.

"So Miguel your a very lucky guy.You know that right?!"I said making it clean to him.

"Ehh"he said rolling his eyes and shrugging his shoulders."U want her?"He continued

"Of course I do,she's an amazing girl,smart,pretty,cool,and funny"I responded daydreaming a little."Good,cause after today,you can have her.Be a lad and tell her we're through for me.That bitch got old.SEE YA"he said trying to walk out the door but I grabbed his arm.

"WAT DID U JUST SAY?!"I Yelled making a fist.

"THE.BITCH.GOT.OLD. SO.YOU.CAN.HAVE.HER!"he said slowly making every word clear.That bastard thinks he can do that to my Emmie!

"That's wat I thought...."I whispered punching him straight in the face."Did u just punch me?!??"he yelled feeling his nose

"Let's see did it feel like this?"I yelled punching him in the face again.This time after I punched him he punched me back.Imma beat this bitch up...for Emmie.


When I got out if the bathroom i heard noises from the living room.

"Oh my God!"I yelled noticing that Miguel and Zayn were fighting and there was blood every where.

After I got both of them up I yelled"what the hell happened!"

"Em I want him out of this house,now!ill tell u later"he yelled grabbing my arm so I couldn't go over to Miguel.

This was exactly wat I didn't want happening!

"Sorry Miguel,I'll text u later,love u"

I was so confused about why they were fighting.After Miguel left I sat down with Zayn and put ice on his black eye and bruises.

"He called u a bitch and he wanted me to tell u that he was tired of u and that u and him were done,so I punched him.He wasn't gonna get away with doing that to u,I'm sorry"Zayn said holding the ice up to his eye

"U did that because he said he was breaking up with me..."I said trying to hide my smile

"Yea well ur my Emmie,no guys gonna hurt u like that and not get his ass handed to him"he chuckled

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