Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


4. Truth or Dare


Zayn came back into the room about 8 minutes later."Hey love,watcha wanna watch now?" He said laying down next to me.

"Idk how about Wild Child,It's like my favorite movie!"I responded jumping up and down with exitement."Cool,sounds fun"He said putting the movie in."Thx Zaynie,Omg I am so gonna call u that,only if u don't mind it tho mate"I said even more exited that I came up with such a good nickname for Zayn.

"It's alright love but only if I get to call u Emmie"Zaynie said winking at me."YAY"I laid back snuggling up with him.

And Before I knew it I feel asleep


I woke up and check my phone

It was 11:30,darn it if we wanted to take Emma to the beach like we planned yesterday then we only had an hour and a half to get ready.Better go wake up the guys

I went room by room waking them up.I went to Emma's room but she wasn't there,she most have gotten up and went to the bathroom or something.

I went to Zayn's room last."Hey mate ,Wake up..." I drifted off as I saw Emma cuddled up to a shirtless Zayn In his bed.I don't know why but this got me so pissed of.

No way!I can't be jealous!Its Emma for bloody sakes.Shes Niall's sister and Zayn's crush.WHY DID THIS MAKE ME SO JEALOUS!"Hey Haz"Emma said stretching her arms."Oh hey Mate"Zayn said in a raspy morning room.

"Does anyone wanna tell me why I'm in Zaynies room"Em ask looking around the room curiously."Zaynie?"I said shocked at wat she just called Zayn

"It's my nickname for Zayn,don't change the subject why am I waking up in Zayn's room"She said still curiously

"oh yea,you must have fallen asleep during the movie"Zayn said pointing at the tv."Then y r u shirtless,mister?"she said poking Zayn's chest.

"It gets hot in here"Zayn replied shyly."Just get up and go take a shower!WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH TODAY,REMEMBER?!"I said getting annoyed cause it was probably like 12:15 now

"Ok ok"they both said

----------------------------45 min later--------------------------


I looked at my self in the mirror.I was wearing a neon green bottom with a black trapless top.It was my favorite bikini that I bought in New York.

"READY!LETS GO!"I yelled rushing down the stairs to where the guys were waiting by the door.We went into the car."Sorry love,guess ur just gonna have to sit on one of our laps"Liam said pointing out that the car was to small

"I pick...... HARRY PIE'S LAP!He looks comfy!"I said scooting over to where Harry was an sat on his lap"Sorry Zaynie, I'll sit on ur lap next time"I told Zayn as I saw him pouting

"Well,someone light,if u don't mind by me asking dear how much to u weigh?"Harry said moving me around on his lap like if I was on a horse.

"I don't mind,and about like 115 or 120" I replied squeezing Harry cheek."Owww,that hurts!"Harry wine making a sad pouty face like a child."Sowwy hawy pie"I said in a baby voice

"I hurts me too,I thought I was ur favorite"Zayn pouted."Oh goodness,Well I do love all u equally.It wouldn't be fair if I pick favorites "I said hugging Zayn with one arm.

"Alright alright enough talk,WE'RE HERE!"Niall yelled the last part with exitement jumping out of the car and running for the sand.

We all sat down at the sand.Louis and Niall went to the water and started swimming and splashing around,Harry sat on the sand playing on his phone,Zayn was getting a tan,and Liam was talking to some girl on his phone.

"come on guys get up!Lets go to the water with Louis and Niall!"I yelled at Harry and Zayn."No,Imma just stay here"them both answered.

"Ok,I see how it is"I grabbed two handfuls of sand and through it on Harry's hair then Zayn's hair."U just not just do that!"Harry shouted.They looked at each other and then back at me"Get her!"they chased me in to the water but before I could get fully in they grabbed my arms and pulled my back.Harry and Zayn both dumped sand all over me!

"That's. Not right!imma girl!"I pouted facing away from them."Aww we're sorry Emmie but we had to get even"Zayn said trying to take the sand out my hair."sorry Emmie,Hug?"Harry apologized pulling me into a hug

"U are both officially forgiven!"I yelled smiling


When we finally decided to get out of the water.I saw Zayn,Harry,and Emma with sand all over their hair.

"So anyone wanna explain this?"Liam or should I say Daddy Direction said wanting an answer.

"Well I wanted them to go into the water with me but they wouldn't get up so I put sand in their hair.."Everyone made a ouch and ohhhh sounds knowing very well how much Zayn and Harry loved their hair!"but when I tried running away they grabbed me and dumped sand on me.We're all good now tho, I apologize and they apologized.No need to get all Daddy on them.It was just fun and games" Em explained.

"WANNA PLAY TRUTH OR DARE! Plzzzzzzz!!"Louis begged."Sure why not!" Harry yelled.

"I call going first!"I shouted grabbing a bag of gummy bears."I pick....Liam,Truth or Dare"

"Truth,I'm not in the mood for a dare my leg hurts"He rubbed on his right leg."Ummm is it true u and Zayn have a little bromance goin on"I replied pointing at Zayn

"YUP,I LOVE ZAYN!"Liam went next to Zayn and kissed his cheek."I think he's pretty"he added."OH MY GOD Liam thinks I'm pretty!"Zayn said jumping up and down like a fan girl.

Something is seriously wrong with our heads(no hate man,just sarcasm for the book)LOL.

"Why don't u ever call me pretty ,Harry???"Louis whimpered pretending to cry."Ur very Handsome Louis,now can we get back to the game"Harry replied hugging him

--------------------A couple more turns later--------------------------

Liam went next"I pick Emma,Truth or Dare"

"DARE of course" She practically yelled out

"I dare u to....Kiss Harry right infront of Louis!"Liam said bursting into laughter as he saw Zayn and Louis' eyes open super wide.Oh goodness this was gonna be fun.


Omg did Liam just really dare her to kiss me!

She walked over to me and put her arms around my neck.I closed my eyes and leaned in.

Her lips were so soft.I couldn't help it anymore.I rolled my tongue on her bottom lip asking for an entrance.About 2seconds she let me in.


All of a sudden I hear fake crying in the background.Louis.She pulled back and I opened my eyes.

"Sorry Louis,it was just a dare.I have a boyfriend ether way so it ment absolutely nothin"Emma said rubbing Louis' back .

wait a minute did she just say she has a BOYFRIEND.I felt numb like I couldn't move.I could only imagine how Zayn felt


Omg did Emma....say she had a boyfriend.i felt awful and jealous from when her and Harry kissed but this just broke me. The girl of my dreams was taken.....

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