Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


3. The Talk


Zayn and I wanted into the hallway.He was my best mate but I couldn't have him dating Em he just met her today.

"Wats up lad" He said I could tell he was nervous."Listen Zayn,I wanted to tell u that I don't want u to ask Emma out cause then if something happens I have to deal with it all summer"I said.

"But mate..." Zayn tried saying but I cut him off

" I know you like her but you just met her ,at least get to know her,and if you do ask her out I have to give permission first,Ok mate?"I said making it fair for both of us.Cause not letting him date her at all wasn't fair at all.He was a good and caring guy and I knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt my sis

"ok thx, I will"Zayn said talking back into his room.


Authors note:

Sorry it was a short chapter,I have a lot of stuff for school to do and i have to write this in between classes.

Thx,love u guys,



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