Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


7. His Emmie

Emma's POV:

Did Zayn just call me HIS Emmie."Ur really sweet,u know"I couldn't help saying.

"Thx"he replied hugging me.

When he moved out of the hug our faces were so so close.Our noses were practically touching.

Was he going to kiss me? I closed my eyes and leaned but all of a sudden I heard someone clearing their throat."Ahem..".it was Niall,that boy always comes at the worst times!

"Well Imma go to get dressed and go to the mall"I said remembering that I needed a new bikini cause the sand from my other one was not coming out.Those boys some how got sand INSIDE of it.

"Can is come with u love?"Zayn asked I'm guessing he didn't wanna talk to Niall about wat happened."Sure, meet me at the door in 20 min."I responded.

30 min later we were dressed and got to the mall.I said 20 but Zayn took 5 extra minutes doing this hair.

I wanted into Forever 21 and dragged Zayn in with me.I picked out like 2 dresses and 3 bikinis.

"Wat do u think of this dress?"I asked Zayn.It was a strapless light blue dress with lace on the top."It's really pretty,but I'm getting REALLY hungry!"Zayn whined

"Fine,let's go pay"I said grabbing the clothes and taking out my wallet."No,I'm paying for this"Zayn said putting my wallet back into my purse.

"I can't let u pay for all of this..."I said feeling bad cause this stuff must cost atleast $130."Yes u can!"Zayn said giving the cashier the money.

"Who's the best?"I said

"I am"Zayn said skipping around like a child"Now time for food!"He yelled dragging me to the sandwich place.

After we ate our sandwiches we walked outside And I saw someone that looked formiliour.It was Miggy and he was making out with some chic.

I don't know why but I got so upset.So it was true,he was breaking up with me.But it just happened how could he already have a new girlfriend.Did our relationship really mean nothing to him?

My eyes got full of tears and I grabbed Zayn's hand and ran outside to the car."let's go home, NOW!"I yelled getting into the car.

The car ride was silent as I sat in the back seat curled up into a ball silently crying.When we got to the house i ran out of the car and to my room.

Zayn's POV:

When we saw Miguel in the mall kissing that girl Emmie want to go home then when we got to the house she ran to her room without even saying a word.

I chased after her but her door was closed."Emmie,You ok?Wanna talk about it?" I said front outside her door.she didn't come out for the rest of the day and all I heard from her door was sadsongs

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