Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


2. Crush


My goodness Emma was adorable!Shes so hot!

No!Bad Zayn,that Niall's sister your talking about!He is one of your best mates You can't just go liking her.I said to myself as I stared at Emma that was now laying down on my bed watching Catching Fire.

"So ur in the room next door?"I said shyly not knowing what else to say."Yea!WE'RE GONNA BE LIKE NEIGHBORS!"Emma said smiling then throwing herself at me into a tight hug.

When she got off I stayed with my arm around around her.I wanted it to stay like this but all of a sudden I hear "EM! UR FOOD IS READY!"must have been Harry since he was the one that cooked for us.

She got up and ran downstairs to the kitchen.Someone must have been hungry!About 30 seconds later she came and sat down on my bed again with a tray with burgers,a bowl of salad,and some Mac and cheese.

"u gotta eat all that" I asked her still confused because no girl could ever eat that much.Specially one like Emma,she is 19 and looks like she weighs like 110 or something like that."Yes,you wanna join Harry in the fact that I can't eat it"She said grabbing a burger and biting it.

"Well I don't really believe a girl can eat that much,most girls usually just stick with like a cup of salad" I replied trying to grab one of the burgers but she slapped my hand away."You forgotten that I'm Niall's sis mate"She pointed out in a factual kind of way.

"Let's see"I said staring back at the tv

------------------30 minutes later--------------------

"Done!"Emma shouted scaring the hell of me

"Oh my god,GUYS COME LOOK AT THIS!"I shouted but I still didn't believe a girl could eat that much.

"Yea,wats up lad"Louis said as they all walked in my room

"Why is Emma in your room?"Niall asked in his protective brotherly voice." we were watching a movie,but anyway how does she eat all that stuff Harry made???"I asked

"Oh Emma? She always eats that much"Louis replied like it was no big deal."yea ,you do remember that she's related to the king of eating over here,right?"Liam said now walking in to the room

"Sorry to ease drop but when I got here everyone was in Zayn's room so I wanted to know wat happened"He continued."LIAM!"Emma yelled getting up and tackling Liam to the ground"where were u?I MISSED U!"She yelled hugging him and not letting him go

"I MISSED U TOO!,I was out getting Niall some whip cream,which by the way they ran out of at the supermarket "Liam said squeezing the air out of Emma

"We'll if that's all then Imma go now"Louis said walking out."yea me too" all the guys except for Niall said."Can I talk to you in the hall Zayn?"Niall said getting me nervous but I walked into the hall way.Oh dear.

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