Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


1. Beginning of it all

Hi I'm Emma Horan.Thats right I'm Niall Horan's sister.Im staying with him and his mates this summer.People say me and Niall are a lot alike since I have blue eyes,dirty blond hair,and I LOVE food!He's very overprotective of me even though I'm only a year younger than him.Im 19 by the way.

--------------------------------------------------------authors note:

Sorry if it's bad.This is my first fan fiction!Thx!Hope u like it!<3


------------------------------------------------------ Emma's POV:

I'm on my way to Niall's house. I can't believe that boy actually got me a car for when I visit.Ive already meet Liam and Louis cause they've come to spend some time with Niall when he comes to see me back in my place.I moved out of my parents house in Ireland and into an apartment with my best friend ,Lucy in New York. Niall's showed me his house before when we facetimed so I wasn't that shocked when I got there.

" Guys come outside, Emma's here!!!!" Was the first thing I heard after getting out of the car.It was Niall.

"EMMA!" Louis shouted while bursting through the door and tackling me to the ground before I could even got to get my bags from the back of the car

"Lou, can u please get off of me" I said after noticing he was still on me and was starting to get heavy."Well that's the first time any girls ever said that to Louis" A curly haired boy said while walking toward Louis.I was guessing that was Harry.

Let me help you up love" a really cute guy with dark brown eyes told me as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"I'm Zayn but the way" Zayn said helping Niall with my backs."I'm Emma" I said grabbing the keys to the car and my phone and walking inside

"So how ya been sis" Niall said putting my bags in the living room.

"Good, but I'm kinda hungry" I replied while rubbing my stomach."Not a problem, Harry can make you some food.He's kinda like the cook of the house" Niall explain while rushing of to get Harry.

After 5 minutes I heard the boys coming down the stairs.

"What does the princess want for lunch" Harry said while bowing in a princey kind of way.

"If I were u I would make a list,this one eats a trunk load"Niall laughed while handing Harry a notebook."Look who's talking Mr.Eats Everything He Can Find" Harry jokes around sarcastically

" i want 2 cheese burgers,with some salad,and some Mac and cheese ,plz" I replied thinking about all that food.DELICIOUS!

" U sure ur gonna eat all that" Harry said while talking out the ingredients to make the things I just said

" I'm pretty sure,and while ur in the kitchen can u toss me a bag of chips" I replied while catching the chips he had thrown." Thx Curly" I thanked him while laughing at the name.

" it's HARRY" Harry replied apparently not liking the name.Wow,I thought I was pretty clever.

I rush up the stair with my bags and went to Niall's room.

"Hey Nialler, can u show me where the guest room is" I said getting his attention by taking away the controller to his XBox.

"Ok follow me" he replied taking me to a room at the end of the hall.

"Thx Nialler!im really exited about staying with you and ur lads this summer " I said hugging him tightly.

"Ur welcome Em" Niall said squeezing me so hard I couldn't breath,He soon let go and went to his room to play his little games.I unpacked my stuff and placed my guitar by the door so I remembered where I put it. I went to the room next door to see who it was."knock knock neighbor"I said opening the door to find Zayn laying down watching a movie.

"Oh hey Emma" Zayn said getting up and hugging me,"wanna watch the movie with me"

"Sure, what movie?"I replied while sitting on the bed."Catching Fire" zayn said sitting next to me."Really,cool I've been wanting to see this movie from like 2 months!"I replied stareing at the tv with excitement

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