Is it Meant to be? (Sexual Content)

Daisy is a 16 year old in High School. She got asked out by one of the cutest boys in school (Niall Horan) and prom is next week..
He wants to ask her to be his gf but he starts getting drunk and has blurry vision

What will happen after that you ask? Read this and find out


2. Perfect

Niall's POV-

She was so perfect, her personality was so cute. I fell in love with her immediately, the way her eyes looked at me; it haunted me but in a good way. I knew prom was coming up next week so I asked her if she already had a date. She said *Nope*, I almost jumped from excitement after she blurted out that word. She accepted my invitation and I was so excited till next week.

Daisy's POV-

He was so perfect, I immediately knew he was the one for me. He was so cute and when he smiled/winked at me I almost fainted. The moment he asked me out to prom seemed like a moment they'll put in a movie. It was so cute, even cuter with that accent of his.

"So it's a date!" *I guess so, I said trying to act all chilled out*

Daisy's POV- I got home and threw myself on the bed. My goodness did the cutie just asked me out? I pinched myself real hard to wake up from my dream unfortunately I wasn't dreaming.

{Tomorrow is Prom}

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