Is it Meant to be? (Sexual Content)

Daisy is a 16 year old in High School. She got asked out by one of the cutest boys in school (Niall Horan) and prom is next week..
He wants to ask her to be his gf but he starts getting drunk and has blurry vision

What will happen after that you ask? Read this and find out


1. Getting to know each other

Daisy's POV-

I saw myself in the mirror. My mascara was running down my face with some left over tears.The cute guy I was defending, it seemed like my perfect guy to be with .I was cleaning all my makeup off and after that there was a knock on the girl's bathroom door. I came out to see that no one was there, I came out to someone scaring me."Boo!"

It was the cute blonde guy! "What's your name love?" *Umm Daisy* "Ouh Daisy like the flower" *Yes,I replied, and gave out a little chuckle* "Hehe you chuckle cute,hold on for a second I'll brb." He went out the door and came back. "Picked this out just for you it's a Daisy! *Awww thanks your a true gentleman* * I didn't quite catch your name* "Oh ye I never told you!, Meh name is Niall Horan" Then after that he was blushing real hard it seemed like he couldn't breathe. *Are you alright?* "Fine as you" I could feel my face starting to get red and hot. *Is it hot in here or-* "It's just you,"he said and winked at me.

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