Harry has kept one of his 18 year old sister,Tia,a secret to everyone.not because he hates her,just because she can't handle fame.or so he thinks.what happens when Liam finds out about her?will hearts get broken or bones?
"I've only seen you in pictures..."Liam looked me in the eyes.
"But your way more beautiful in person."


2. connection

Tia's P.O.V

"Oh my god!are you ok?"the unfamiliar shoes reached his hand out.i grabbed it."yea I think so."as he helped me up I looked down to dust off my self."you took quite a fall."he said with a laugh."yea,I-"I raised up to look at his face.Perrie's right!he is hot!"h-hi,"he said."I'm Liam."he had the most beautiful brown eyes."and you are?"I froze and looked at Harry."that's....Gem's friend."he looked at me and motioned for me to walk back up the stairs.i sighed and whistled for Bruno.he followed me back into my room.

Liam's P.O.V

"Ok Harry spill it."I turned to face him."eh?i-I don't know what your talking about..."he said looking at the floor."there's no way that girl is one of Gemma's friends.theres pictures of her in here everywhere.whats going on?"Harry sighed."that's Tia,my other sister."woah woah woah.what?!?"how come I've never seen her before?!?"Harry sat me down and explained to me how ever since we were put together in the XFactor,he kept her hidden because she can't handle publicity and hate."Liam I'm going to ask you one thing..."I looked at him completely concerned."you can't date her."my heart shattered.I've not felt this way about a girl since Dani,and I've only seen Tia once!"but Harry..."I looked at him.he looked so concerned.i sighed."ok."he lightened up a bit.i don't know why.

I never promised anything.


Short chapter I know :( movellas kept deleting everything I wrote after that and I got tired of rewriting.it will be a longer next chapter though.promise!

-be Happy ✌️ xx

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