Harry has kept one of his 18 year old sister,Tia,a secret to everyone.not because he hates her,just because she can't handle fame.or so he thinks.what happens when Liam finds out about her?will hearts get broken or bones?
"I've only seen you in pictures..."Liam looked me in the eyes.
"But your way more beautiful in person."


3. breaking and entering

Tia's P.O.V

I fell backwards onto my bed and thought aloud to myself."I think I'm in love!!wait,I have this wierd feeling in my stomach.does love make you queasy Bruno?"he put his paws over his eyes.i laughed and pulled out my phone to text Perrie.


P:woah Tia!whats up with you?!?

T:I saw him.

P:I told you he was hot!

T:I never doubted you!g2g someone's upstairs.

I put my phone down and slowly walked to the door,cracked it opened and was relieved to see Liam."Liam?"I whispered.he turned to me and gave me a warm smile."hey!can I come in?"I nodded.he came in and looked around."cool blue.""thanks.its kinda my favorite color."he laughed."really?"he said,pointing at my shirt,Bruno's bowl,and everything else blue in my room(which is basically my while room).i punched him in the arm."shut up."We laughed."so,"he said."I hear your names Tia."he gave me a warm smile and them big brown eyes sparkled.ohhhhhh man."hehehe....yea..."he gave me a crooked smile and I blushed."omigod I'm sorry!"I said,looking at the floor and putting a strand of hair behind my ears."hey,"he raised my chin."it's ok."

Liam's P.O.V

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever....and then we heard a door shut downstairs.

"Liam I'm back!where'd you go mate?"I started to panic.she put a hand on my shoulder."ok listen.theres a rope in my closet.I'll get it and you'll tie it to the gutter."ok she's insane.she winked at me."it's ok,I do it all the time."I smiled."the bathroom window is right under us and it's unlocked.climb down,open it and hop in.he'll think you've been in the bathroom."she smiled."thank you so much Tia."I said giving her a hug.she blushed and handed me the rope.i tied it to the gutter."and hey,"I said before climbing on."call me sometime."I saw her blush even more as I climbed down the rope and hopped into the bathroom.

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