Harry has kept one of his 18 year old sister,Tia,a secret to everyone.not because he hates her,just because she can't handle fame.or so he thinks.what happens when Liam finds out about her?will hearts get broken or bones?
"I've only seen you in pictures..."Liam looked me in the eyes.
"But your way more beautiful in person."


6. All Your Little Things

Omigosh I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for everyone that's been reading!!!thats what helps keep the story alive,and I'm soo glad that you guys enjoy it!thank you sooooo sooooo much!wow I right to many o these things.byeeee!

-Be Happy

Liam's P.O.V

Ok I'm having a little to much fun with her not knowing we sung the song,so I waited for the right time,spun her,dipped her,then sang along

"And I'm in love,with you..."

She leaned in and I did to.our lips touched and I knew that she was the one for me.god I'm glad I ditched Sophia.I pulled away.

"...and all your little things."

Her eyes got wide and I laughed.she punched my shoulder."what???"I said cracking up."you never told me you guys sung that song!that was amazing!"I smiled at that comment.she laughed,the paused an started counting an pointing."one,two,three...Haz makes four....aren't there five of you?""wait,"Niall said."you haven't met Louis?""no,guess not."we were all shocked,since Louis is Harry's best mate.soooo...then I called Lou."hey Lou?where are you at?"

"Down here at Red Ravens,why?"

I hung up,grabbed Tia and we pushed through hoards of people untill we found Louis."Liam???hello???"he was practically screaming through his phone."hellooooo."I said.he looked up and smiled."hey Liam!whos this?""this is Tia."he grinned."oooooo,does Li Li have a girlfriend."I blushed."I....uh-"

"Yes.yes he does."

Tia's P.O.V

Liam looked at me and smiled so....now I guess it's official.


Wait what will Hazza think?even more important,where are the paparazzi?they should be in here taking buttloads of pics,or at least that's what Harry says."you ok?"Louis asked me.i nodded."yea,just thinking about what Haz would think.""oh crap."Liam's hissed."I forgot about Harry!"'you guys haven't told Harry?"Liam and I shook our heads."figures.Harry would be freaking out."Louis stood up and hugged me."nice meeting you Tia."I hugged back and after Louis left Liam wrapped his arm around my waist protectively.i smiled at how easily jealous he was,but I guess that's good.at least he cares about me.


Perrie screamed running up to me."we gotta go if you don't want Harry to suspect anything."she said.i frowned and looked at Liam."can you give us a moment?"I said,still looking at Liam."ok,"she said"5 minutes."she left."Liam I-"he cut me off by kissing me for what felt like 5 minutes.i backed off."what are we gonna do?i can't go to Perrie's every single day...."Liam looked at the floor,holding my hands."I'll tell him.""you have to be kidding me!"I said."he will murder you Liam."he shook his head."I love you Tia,and if that means a couple broken bones,I'll do it."Perrie ran up to us."time to go T."I sighed and walked towards the exit with Zayn and Perrie,looking back at Liam.he looked at me and gave me a crooked smile,on purpose this time though,which made me laugh.

I wonder how Harry's gonna take the news.

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