Highschool love

You think my heart would learn it's lesson.


2. The new kid

"Hello , my name is Harry"

The boy next to me said. "I'm new here .. Can you show me around , lovely (;"

Ugh.. Great. Another boy trying to hit on me . Classic.

But I agreed. Trying to be friendly.

After class we walked to our next class. Funny how we have every class together. So as the day went on I tried not making eye contact. "Uhm, would it be okay of I had your number?(:" Harry said. I agreed and gave it to him and went on my way.

I have gotten home not even 10 minutes ago and I got a text

From : Harry

Hey sweet cheeks , it's Harry (:

Great . He's already calling me names. I have to keep my distance. There is no way I'm falling for another guy .. I'm taking a nap, maybe that will get my mind off things.

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