Highschool love

You think my heart would learn it's lesson.


4. Knock Knock

I was woken by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

"MUM! Can you get the door !?"

I was way to sleepy to get off the couch.

My mum wasn't even home .. Ugh. Guess I have to get it.

I opened the door to find Harry standing there.

"H-Harry .. What are you doing here ..?"

" I wanted to see you "

"Why..?" I asked concerned.

"Because your so beautiful" he said with his cheeky smile

You might wonder how a random hot guy from school randomly shows up at your door .. But when you see his cute , cheeky smile standing there , you don't question it.


Hey guys. Sorry if that chapter was short. Il make the next one longer !(: so what do you think ? Should Elissa give Harry a chance ? Or will he be a back stabber like Ryan? Should I update. ? Let me know in the comments !(:


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