Highschool love

You think my heart would learn it's lesson.


7. help ...

Uh ... Were am I ? My vision is all blurry. I have like. The biggest headach ever. Omff.. Ouch. Why can't I stand up.? Why can't I move. Am I tied up !? My vision started coming back. I was in a basement ? With one widow. And it has bars on it .. Great. So much for an easy escape. My feet have duck tape on them and my legs are tied .. Ouch .. It hurts to move. And my hands are tied behind my back behind a wooden pole. Okay. I seriously need to get our of here.

Maybe I can call Or text someone . I need to free something some how.

I wiggled my feet to loosen the duck tape and it slipped off. Ouch ! But I still have this rope around my legs.

Somehow I managed to free one hand. I pulled out my cell and texted Harry. I dont know why I decided on Harry. I guess he was the first person in my contacts.

To Harry :



Sorry if this chapter was super short & it sucked. I haven't updated in a while and I felt it was over due. Well anyway let me know how it is so far !(: like & favorite please ? Thank you guys !! <3


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