Highschool love

You think my heart would learn it's lesson.


6. another dream .

Huh ..? Were am I ..?

Oh no. I must be having another one of thoes weird dreams again.

Well. Let's see were this goes ..

I was in a dark room. I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't see anything. Then images started popping up. I saw swing. What did a swing have to do with anything.

Next. I saw a hill. And a car parked at the edge. It was so peaceful. I didn't know what or were it was but all I know is it was beautiful. I could feel it.

Next .. I saw a girl. She was really pretty.

Wait ... Is that me ? It looks like it. A lot. And their was a boy their. Who was he ? I couldn't see his face.

Could this be Ryan ..?


hey ! Sorry if this sucked. And sorry for the bad language. Hah. Well I hope you liked it. What do you think of it ? Should I update ? Let me know ?!(:


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