Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


8. sleep over.

Dani's POV

We get to the tour bus and we start grabbing junk and giggling and smiling and jumping and dancing when Zayn comes out of the living room looking pissed off. "DANI WHERE ARE YOU!!!"Zayn screamed as I just flinched. He walked in and I was nervous. He looked at me and just smiled he ran towards me and picked me up. "Why didn't you say bye when you left!!" He said pouting. "Well you were asleep and I was awake and me waking you up is not a good Idea last time I did that you ended up squishing me to the floor." I said he just laughed. "So what are you girls doing?" He asked. "Well we are having a sleepover but Harry is gonna suck the life out of it because he's not gonna let us stay up late cuz you guys have an interview thingy."we said in unison. "I'll give you a deal." Zayn said. "We're listening." Drew,Emily,and I said in unison."ok so if you guys go to bed early tonight I'll let you watch the conjuring." Zayn said with a smirk. "Deal. " all of us said. Zayn just sat at the table and watched us play around. I took the whip cream and went up behind him as he was about to take the picture I sprayed whip cream In his hair and kissed his cheek."you are so gonna get it." He said smirking. "Just post the picture. " I said and walked away when I feel eggs in my straight hair. "Oh you wanna go pretty boy." I said throwing flour in his face. "Truce. " he screamed as it went in to his hair. He just walked away and laughed. The power went out in the bus. The power never goes out in these!! Me and the girls walked towards the front door of the bus with knives in our hands. Not just any knives but throwing knives. Ya see robin my step father is the boss of the biggest spy unit ever so we kind of know how to assign ate people."woah why do you little girls have knives in your hands. " Michel asked. " shh Michel someone just cut the power to the bus." I whisper yelled. "And what are you gonna do about it?" He asked confused. I took my badge out of my spandex shorts and showed it to him. He just looked at it with big eyes and he walked in to his room. Some one walked through the door and we were about to throw the knives. " hey girls it's just me. Paul." Paul said."holy crap Paul you scared us to death. " we all scream as Harry walked in the room."girls why do you have your throwing knives pointed at Paul. " Harry said with big eyes."thought he was an intruder. " Drew said quickly. Harry just looked at us suspiciously and walked away. "YOU GUYS BETTER PUT THOSE AWAY BEFORE THE BOYS COME IN. IF THEY SEE YOU WITH THE KNIVES AND ROBIN FINDS OUT YOULL GET AN OBEY TATTOO." Harry shouted from his room. The girls just looked at me with an are you serious look. I just shook it off and sat on the couch. "Hey dani Liam is in charge will be back late tonight please listen to him." Harry said kissing all of our foreheads as we settled in to watch the movie. "Hazz please be safe." I said and kissed his cheek along with Niall,Louis,Zayn's,Michael,Calum,Ashton,and Luke. "Bye boys be safe." I yelled as they walked out. After I they left I texted Hazz saying that they needed to be home a little before 12 because they have an interview. "LIAM!!!" I scream as he came running down the stairs. (The bus is a two story. ) "what are one of you guys hurt do we need an ambulance?"he said coming over to us. "No we just wanted you to watch the conjuring with us. " I said as the movie started. We all scream at the part where the witch ghost thingy jumped on the sister. I after the movie we were all about to fall asleep when when we herd a girl giggling and the door slam open.Liam was still down stairs with us and was holding us because we were scared.i grabbed my knife from under the coach and got the girls knives too. "Woah woah woah why do we having throwing knives under the couch?" Liam asked scared as we got up. Drew just got her badge and showed it to him. Before we even got up Harry came in the room with Louis,Zayn,Niall and a bleach blonde Barbie."hazza you scared the crap out of us!!" I said hiding my knife behind my back."Dani I have company. " he slurred. "Oh hi another one of Harry's 1 nighters hope you have fun slut. " I said harshly. "Daniela shut the heckup dyslexic brat." He said. "Stupid I'm not dyslexic and two have fun with a hang over! " I said and walked away. Zayn just came up to me and kissed me in the top of my head and he brought me back to the living room with the girls. He layed me down next to a sleeping Drew and then he layed down next to me. "Zayn I don't like Harry being this way. It's disrespectful and bad for your guys carrier." I said crying."I know baby girl. I know." Zayn cooed and sung me moments.

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