Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


11. Pretty little Liars

Dani's POV.

I woke up with the boys taking pictures of me while I was asleep. "Boys just because I'm asleep and your taking pictures doesn't mean that I won't wake up and snap your phones in half. " I said with my eyes still closed. "How does she do that?" Liam asked. "Magic" I said with sass. "Well someone's Sassy when they wake up. " Louis said. "No I'm just naturally funny." I said getting up and rolling my eyes. I went into the living seeing the girls watching pretty little Liars. "Gotta secrete can you keep it swear this one you'll save. Better lock it in your pocket taken this one to the grave if I show you then I'll now you won't tell what I say cuz two can keep a secrete if one of them is dead. " Drew,Emily,Britney and I sung. "God that is creepy." Liam said sitting on the couch next to us. "We know!" We all said smiling. "Would you stop doing that it's creeping me out. " Liam said backing away. "No!!" We all said turning back to the tv. "Ok I'm go- " he said and we cut him off. "Shhh. " we all said turning to him and putting our finger up to our mouths. "ECK." He said walking away. We were already threw four episodes when the boys came in turning the tv up."NO!!"we all scream getting up and attacking the boys. "They were just about to find out who A is." I scream taking my knife from under the coach. "H-H-Harry why do they have knives. " Zayn asked. "Long story short they can throw them. RUN!!"he scream running away. I got a call from robin.

R-robin D-dani

D-Hi Robin

R-Dani I need you and the girls to do an assignment the rest of our assassins are out sick or there on a mission.

D-ok let me tell Hazz. Bye love you

R-Bye Love you.

(Phone convo over)

"Hazza bear!!!" I scream and he ran in. "What's wrong." He asked. "Me and the girls have to leave for a mission. Um we have to kill the Wanted." I said while smiling at him. "Good ok I let you guys go. Kill Siva first. " Harry said smirking. "Girls mission. " I scream and I texted them the deets. I grabbed my knives,gun,chloroform,and my shoes. "Bye boys well come back with something from Iceland. " I said smirking. Louis,Niall,and Harry just stood there smirking while Zayn and Liam looked a little worried and Paul just gave us a thumbs up. We got to there hotel and I knocked on there door and ran down their hall as slow as I could with Emily and Drew. The boys got us and they tried to chloroform but all of us ended up doing it to them. Siva, Nathan,And max. We just need jay and tom. They came running out and I took my knives and threw them. "Ok well we have two dead now we just need three more down. Got your guns?" I asked. The nodded and we pointed them to there heads. "Three.....two.....one...." I said and we shot them. We just left there bodies there. "Paul come pick us up we killed em" I said into my phone. "That was only twenty minuets they can't be dead already. " Paul said. "Hmm we shot three in the head letting them bleed to death. Then I threw knives at the other ones hearts. " I said while smiling. "Ugh ok kido. " he said and we waited. He finally got here and the boys where at the door. "It took you long enough." I said while changing into my unicorn onesie. "That was the longest mission ever. "I said while walking over to the boys. "It took you twenty minutes. " Zayn said. "Yeah usually only takes five. " I said while crossin my arms. "Robin is gonna be so disappointed it took that long. "Emily said pouting. "We could of gotten them faster if we weren't running to fast." Drew said. "I agree let's go to bed. " I said walking over to a sleeping Harry on our bunk. I just got in and laid with him and soon enough sleep took over.

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