Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


2. He's home!!!!

Dani's POV.

I was up in my room listening to Avril Lavigne's song smile when I heard the front door swing open and I heard a husky British accent. "Im home loves.". It was Harry. I ran down stairs and tackled Harry to the ground hugging him to death. "Oh my god dani what happend to your hair and ALSo we have company. "Harry said. "One. I straightened my curls. And two hello I don't know any of you. " I said while getting off of Harry. "Dani that is not how we treat guest." Harry said."sowy bowys. " I said with a puppy dog face. "Quick boys cover your eyes. " Harry said. All of the boys did what they were told except Zayn." Oh it's ok. Love. "He said while picking me up. "NO Zayn. She's got you. " Harry said."eh when there this cute it's worth it. " Zayn said. And I just poked my tongue out at Harry and jumped down. I walked in to the living room and re arranged the furniture. "Oooh dani mums gonna be mad at you."Harry said as he walked in carrying my cat snow ball. "1 mom said as long as I'm using the living room for dance and not softball I'm fine and two put snowball down. " I said as I started they don't know about us. I danced. When the music was done I got off the floor and saw Harry and the other boys staring with their mouths open. "Take a picture it'll last longer." I said with sass. Then I looked at what Harry was holding in his hands. "Oh hi Mr.Cowel. " i said. "Hello Daniela. Please call me simon.i want the boys to take you on tour with them and also I want you to dance with the older girls on tour. " he said. "1 I want to call you Mr. Cowel because it seems more respectful and 2 I can't leave the drill team I'm second in command."I said. "Dani it's ok we've contacted them and said you can go and then come back and have your spot back and then second. I like your sense of respect unlike your brother. " he said. "Why thank you Mr. Cowel." I said while moving the furniture back. "Boys don't just stand there help her." He said. The boys came and helped me and Mr. Cowel hung up. "Suck up. "Harry yelled. "Harold. Don't call your sister a suck up. " mum yelled. "Mummy. " I scream while running in to the kitchen. "Guess what guess what. " I said. "Hmm. Mr. Cowel offered you a job. " she said " yes how did you know. "Well since it 10 o clock at night I'm going to bed. I went upstairs and put on my bat man pjs and fell asleep.

************night mare.****************

Niall got shot. Zayn got shot. Liam got shot and Harry,Louis and me are running. Louis got shot. Harry got shot. Then me.

*************nightmare over. ***********

I woke up sweating and crying and screaming. I ran into Harry's room. "Harry. Harry. Wake up. " I whispered. "What dani. " he said tiredly. "Can I sleep. With you I had a bad dream. "I said in a soft tone. "Sure. " he said as he moved over so that I would fit in the bed with him. Soon after I fell asleep with Harry singing moments.

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