Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


10. concert

Dani's POV

We all got in to Harry's range rover that could barely could fit the boys. I had to sit on Liam's lap,Drew had to sit on Zayn's lap,Emily had to sit on Louis lap and Britney had to sit on Harry's. "Hazza what if they don't like me. What if I mess up. What if I fall and brake my other arm. What if-" Harry cut off. "Daniela you'll be fine everyone will love you." Harry said showing off his dimples on purpose. "I have better dimples and curls than you!!!"I said smiling. "Nuh uh." Harry said "boys tell her. "He said pouting. "Daniela wins. " Niall said. "Dani"Zayn &Liam said. "We all know dani wins. " Emily and Drew said "I LIKE CARROTS!!" Louis screamed. "Ahh Louis were in the same car shut up but I still love you!!" I said kissing his cheek. "Sorry babe but D wins. " Britney said. He just kept sitting there pouting. "Harry if you keep pouting someone's gonna think your constipated." I said laughing. "Harry your gonna get wrinkles."Drew said smiling. Suddenly Drew got a text from one of are softball team mates McKenna. She started to tear up.

Drew's POV

I got a text from Kenna/McKenna. It was a picture of my boyfriend Taylor kissing a Red headed Brat from school. Dani looked over at me and she saw something was wrong. I got a txt from her.

(Txt convo D-Dani DD-Drew)

D-what's wrong?:(

DD- Taylor cheated.

D-with who?>:(


D-screw him he's a jerk I'm sorry but I've always hated him.

DD- I know I had that sister best friend feeling of when you don't like something.

D-yeah I guess. We should stop txting Zayn's trying to read my txt.


(Txt convo over)

Dani's POV.

I HATE HIM. like seriously you go and you cheat on your girlfriend with Rebeca. Common that is low. I'm tired of boys walking over her no no no boys aren't doing that nope nota When we get back to Cheshire I'm going to KILL him drew is my best friend. "Are we there yet. " I said through my clenched jaw and teeth. "Almost what's wrong Dani?" Niall asked. "Taylor. "Is all I managed to say. "Swift?" Harry's asked. "No Taylor Drew's EX boyfriend." I said still clearly pissed. "Woah hold the phone EX. Weren't you two dating yesterday?" Niall asked Drew. "Yeah but he wasn't faithful." She said in a quite voice. The boys all nodded and went back to doing what ever they were doing. "Where here!!" Niall yelled as we got there and parked. "Liam carry Dani,Louis carry Emily,Zayn carry Drew." Harry ordered as he got out of the car holding Britney's Hand. "Ugh I hate this." I said as Liam carried me out of the Car. "Well we have to do this because we have some crazy weird fans and they might hurt you guys." Liam said as we got inside. "You guys can put us down now!" Emily said. The boys just have each other am Evil look and threw us over their shoulders and ran. "If I get dropped Hell brakes loose boys."I yelled crossing my arms. "Lou please put me down. " Emily said. "No can do kido." He said while running faster. All of us just looked at each other and smiled. "PAUL."we scream as loud as we could. Seconds later Paul came in. "Boys your gonna traumatize these poor girls not to mention Dani who had to live with Harry walking around Naked all the time." Paul said. "ECK Paul don't talk about that it's still burned in to my brain. " I said. "IM SCARDE FOR LIFE!!"I scream running up to Lou (the hair dresser.) "Lou can I hold Lux??" I asked jumping around. "Sure" she said giving me Lux. "Hi Lux!" I said holding her. "DANI,DREW,EMILY COME ON WE HAVE TO GET READY FOR THE CONCERT AND RUN OVER THE DANCE!!!" Coach Alex yelled. We kissed the boys bye and gave Lux back to Lou. "5...6...7...8" we started the dance we were at the part where I was supposed to do a trick I decided to do a back Aerial."Dani that is perfect nice job." Coach Alex said and Tara just rolled her eyes. "Tara rolling your eyes isn't gonna better your situation." Coach Alex said. Zayn walked in and all the girls started to fan girl. "Aren't you excited Zayn is in here?" One of the older girls named Rachel asked. "Daniela can you come here. " Zayn asked. "Zayn I'm a little busy. " I said. "Daniela Styles. Now. " Zayn said. "Ugh fine." I said and walked with him. " Erm your mum wanted me to tell you good luck." Zayn said. "Ok tell her I said thanks." I said with sass and left. I walked back in to the room and all the girls were freaking out. "OMG how can you not be nervous around him!!" All the girls asked. "Harry's my brother." I said and all the girls just started to freak out even more. " I bet he's not your brother and your just lying." Tara said. "Wanna bet." I said and she just nodded her head. "Fine. Harry come here now." I yelled in to the hall and Harry walked in. "Hazza we have some skeptics in the room about me being your younger sister." I said smirking at Britney. "Yes Dani Is my sister and Drew is Niall's sister and Emily is Louis sister. So no more skeptics. " Harry said smiling. "Thanks Hazz. " I said kissing his cheek as he left. "Ok girls let's go. " coach Alex said. We walked on to the side of the stage as the music walked in. I walked out first then drew then Emily. The boys started singing kiss you. Towards the end I did my trick and kissed Harry's cheek and left off the stage. "Hey guys so you guys all now that little dancers who just walked off well I know three of them really well and I wanted to get them out on to the stage so help me. " Harry said and the crowd got loud as me,drew and Emily walked on to the stage. "This my little sister Dani. " Harry said hugging me. "This my little sister Drew. " Niall said hugging her. "And this little one who is hiding behind me is my sister Emily. " Louis said picking Emily up and hugging her. "Harry will you let go I can't breath. " I said gasping for Air. " oh sorry Dani. " Harry's said letting me go as the audience just laughed. "IM HUNGRY. " Drew,Emily,and I scream. "Ok let's let them eat before they push us off the stage. " Harry said and kissed my cheek. The girls and I ran threw the stage hugging all the boys. "We that was fun." I said laughing and moving over to the food. Later after they ate.

"I'm tired." I said and laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I felt two strong arms pick me up"Zayn?"I asked. "No it's Hazz."Harry said. "Hazza" I asked again. "Yeah." He asked. "I love you. " I said while cuddling with him as he was carrying me. The last thing I herd before I fell asleep was "I love you to princess."

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