Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


6. America the great and 5sos

Dani's POV.

I woke up to Harry shaking me trying to get me up. I guess we landed. I got up and got my luggage. "I'll take that princess!" Louis said smiling. "Louis I can carry it my self. " I said whining. "Well you can't carry that if I'm carrying you." Zayn said. I just sighed because I knew that there's no point in arguing. "Princess I need you to hide your face in Zayn's chest so that they don't know it's you. Ok. It's for your safety." Harry told me as Zayn picked me up bridal style. "Ok." I said while Zayn carried me off the plain to meet tons of screaming fans. I held on to Zayn really tight just because I was scared. A lot of these girls are probably older than me. Once we were past the fans there was the paps. "Zayn over here who are you caring." A lot of the paps asked. Zayn just kept walking. We got in to the limo and I just stayed in Zayn's lap."D please don't cry." Harry said as he took me from Zayn. " I'm sorry I just don't like all of the paps and people around I just want to be with my brother with out the crazy fans and paps. " I said crying even more. "Dani I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone to the tryouts. " Harry said holding me and crying a little. I wiped away his tear. "No you should have tried out. You should have gotten in to this band and you should have fans. It's just I'm overwhelmed i can't handle it some times. And the paps they just straight scare me. " I said while smiling. Harry just held me tight which gave me a sense of security and safety. The limo stopped and we got out and in to the tour bus. "Dani is it ok if we share a bunk?" Harry asked. "Yeah I guess if I'm Tiny enough. " I said smiling. "Daniela Elizabeth styles you are the tiniest person I have ever met. Of course well fit." Harry said. I just walked away as I herd people come on to the tour bus. "Harry who just came in?" I whispered to him. " it's 5sos silly." Harry said. He picked me up and carried me around over his shoulder. "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES IF YOU DONT PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW I WILL CALL MUM AND TELL HER TO SEND ME TICKETS TO GO HOME!!!" I scream. He put me down as I ran away laughing. I ran into somebody and fell down. "Oh my god I am so sorry." I said while getting up."who are you and why are you on the bus?"he asked. He had greenish brownish eyes and messy light brown hair."I'm Daniela styles and I'm on the bus because I'm a dancer for the boys." I said. "Oh I'm Ashton Irwin. And I'm on the bus because I'm in 5sos." He said as Harry came in. "Hey Ashton I see you've met my annoying little sister."Harry said smirking at me. "Dang it Harold you piss me off one more time and I'll leave." I said as his eyes went big. Suddenly I feel to strong arms wrap around me. It was the one and only Liam Payne. "What the hell is it with everyone freaking picking me up today. First Zayn then Harry now Liam next thing I know all of the 5sos boys are going to do it to." I yelled as the rest of 5sos came in. Liam put me down and just sat there." I can make that happen. " Ashton said smirking and picking me up. "Oh my god me and my big mouth. " i said. "Don't shout. " I herd Niall say. " well leprechaun if you don't want me to shout then tell him to put me the heck down. " I said.when I said that Harry got mad. "Dang it Daniela stop freaking shouting." Harry yelled which mad me flinch. Ashton put me down and I just walked over to Zayn's bunk so that Harry couldn't see me brake. I will bend when someone yells at me ,but when Harry yells at me I end up braking."oh princess don't cry. " I herd Harry laugh at me insultingly. "YOU KNOW WHAT JERK IF YOUR JUST GONNA MAKE ME CRY THE WHOLE TIME WERE ON TOUR I WILL JUST LEAVE AND CALL MOM. SIMON STILL HAS DREW AND EMILY TO DANCE FOR YOU GUYS. SURE THEYLL HATE IT ,BUT THEYLL DO IT FOR ME. AND JUST REMEMBER DREWS REALLY PRETTY SISTER BROOK IS MY FRIEND TOO AND SHELL NEVER GO OUT WITH AN ASS THAT MADE A LITTLE GIRL CRY." I yelled braking down. Zayn just picked me up and gave Harry a dirty look and we walked over to one of the extra rooms. "Shh princess don't cry. He just acting like that because he felt like you hurt Niall's feelings and you keep swearing." Zayn cooed as Niall walked in. "N-N-N-Niall I-I-I-I'm s-s-sorry. " I said while crying. Niall just kneeled in front of me. "It's ok I know you were just calling me your nickname for me. " he said and left. Zayn got up and carried me out of the room and let me walk. I walked into the kitchen to feel a stinging sensation only face and Harry in front of me. "Did you just slap me?" I asked really confused feeling my face. "Yes I did." He said with a straight face. "Wow that's it I'm leaving. " I yelled. I called my mum.

(M=mum. D=dani.")

M- hey dani how's it going baby girl.

D- Harry slapped me.

M- why?!?

D-because I shouted at him and called Niall a leprechaun. Will you send me tickets so I can come home?

M- will you just wait it out a day or two and if things don't get better. Call me ok.

D- ok. Bye mummy

M-bye love.

I got off the phone and Louis was standing next to me."are you ok?" Louis asked. "I guess. " I said a little sad and I walked away. I walked into to the same room as Harry and he just looked at me. "Dani come here. NOW!"he said and yelled. "No you piss me off one more time or you hit me one more time I will call mum and she will get me and it will leave you without a little sister and a dancer. " I said to him. His eyes went from mad to apologetic. " I'm sorry. " he said quietly. "Harry sorry doesn't cut to you made fun of me. Which was my braking point and you knew it I don't have these scars on my wrist because of snowball.and two you slapped me and raised your voice at me. " I said while walking away. Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled off all of the bracelets. "Ow Harry that hurts let go. " I said crying. Harry just sat there looking at the two new fresh cuts. He started crying. "I'm sorry dani. " he said hugging me. "It's ok. I'm tired I'm gonna go to sleep I said and went to mine and Harry's bunk. I fell asleep wright when my head hit the pillow.

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