Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


13. ADHD/Paps.

Dani's POV

We where driving and I was really bored because the boys won't let me hang out with Anderson or let me watch TV or let me do any tricks. "I'm gonna go take a shower."I said walking away. I striped down from my dirty clothes and I got in the shower and started to sing if I ain't got you by Alicia Keys. "Dani you have a lovely voice."Harry said. "Dam it Harry I'm taking a shower out now." I said. "Eh no. " what ever." I said while turning off the water. "Harry hand me a towel." I asked. "Nah. " he said. "What ever stupid. " I said grabbing a towel. "Where almost to Vegas!!!"I herd Louis scream. I just rolled my eyes and walked into a room so I could change. I was wearing a blue gray and white striped plaid shirt with sequins on the shirt pockets and black skinny jeans and some black high tops. I felt someone who was a little taller than me rap their arms around my waist. "Hello Love!" Anderson said. "Hey Anderson. " I said walking into the bathroom. I straightens every single curl and I put on a blue Head band. "Guys I want to do something I'm sooooooo!!!!"bored. "Calm down we will once we get there."Harry said. "Fine but if I don't do something soon ADHD will."I said seriously. "LOUIS GRAB HER!!!"Harry yelled as I ran away. Louis got me and sat me on the counter and I just bounced my butt on the counter. "Sit still while I find your Meds."Louis said. I tried. I failed. I ended up on the ground laughing my head off. "Lewis I want a piggy back ride!!!"I said. "I thought you were done being a spaz?!?!" Louis said having big eyes. "Hahahaha it doesn't always start right away."I said getting up. I started to feel sleepy. I went over to my suitcase and I put on a sports bra and some spandex shorts and quickly fell asleep. (Later that day. ) I felt like I was being carried. "Who's carrying me?"I asked tiredly. "Anderson" Andy said. "Oh."I said smiling a little I snuggled into his chest and he held me tighter as we walked threw the paps. "Anderson ,Anderson over here is that your girlfriend."a lot of the paps shouted and then their was also the "Andy who are you carrying. " but Anderson didn't say anything he just kept smiling down at me. "I want to go swimming." I said smiling. "Ok once we get up to the room. "Liam said. We where in the lobby and it was sooo weird people where staring at me. Oh yeah I'm only in a sports bra ha. "Boys can you go faster?"I asked. "Erm why?!?" They all asked. "Hmmm let's see maybe because IM ONLY IN A SPORTS BRA!!!!!"I scream the last part and everyone looked at me. "Oh ya." Zayn said. They got the key to the room and we got up to the room. "Drew,Emily." I scream. "Yes!!!"they scream. "Put on a swim suit where going swimming." I said walking over to them. "Ok!!!"they said running to their suitcases. I ran to mine and put on a plain red bikini. "Hazzy can I have a piggyback ride?"I said smiling at him. "Sure. "He said. I jumped on his back and he ran down the hall laughing out heads off. "Harry you can put me down." I said as we got to the elevator. "Okay!!"he said happily.i ran towards the pool and did a double back handspring in. "Someone was excited weren't they?!?" Liam said. " yes very" I said swimming around. "Drew come get in the water your Tanner than Niall so just come here!!" I said smiling. "Ok but I'm not doing any tricks !!" She said doing a front tuck in. "Oh yeah what was that??" I said laughing. "Erm a trick." She said laughing. "Duh. "I said and I swam away. I was just chilling on the side of the pool with Emily,Drew,and Britney when something grabbed my leg. "Ahh" I did a high pitched scream and I ended up under water. I turned and looked at who it was.The one and only Anderson Irwin.He looked at me in the eyes and he got closer. I looked at him in the eyes and closed the gap. We kissed for a minute then went up. I swam back over to the girls and they where just smirking. "You knew didn't you." I said laughing. "Yup"they all said popping the "P". "What ever I said while getting out and going inside to the lobby where I was bombarded by paps. "How's life with one direction do you have any of their secretes." One guy asked. I just walked away and he grabbed my wrist. "Hey I asked you a question. " he said. "And I didn't answer now let me go. " I said walking off. "That's disrespectful ya no." He said grabbing my wrist once again. "You wouldn't know what disrespectful was if it came in and kicked you in the stomach."I said. Taking my arm away yet again. He grabbed my arm. "YOU TOUCH ME ONE MORE FREAKIN TIME I WILL CALL THE POLICE AND HAVE YOU ARESTED!!!!!"I yelled as he just kept hold of my arm. I turned and looked at him and he was smirking. I'm tired of his crap. I flipped him and let him land on the floor. "HARRY!!!"I scream. He came running into the lobby where all the paps where. "What's wrong?!? Why is there paps in here!?! Oh my god Dani your wrist."he said coming towards me. "This guy won't leave me a lone and he kept grabbing my wrist please call the cops and have them ALL taken out." I said while he examined my wrist and gave the man a dirty look.

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