Diana finds love



10. the next day

Dress shopping & hello sweetheart neckline strapless turquoise long gown in Liam and said well you look so pretty I said thank you and buying this one I told him I was going to get my make-up down tonight it was only 3 o'clock in prom started at seven I started getting ready at 4 o'clock I curled my hair plum address and put on my converses I do not wear heels anyway I did my make up just mascara lipstick eyeshadow and foundation I heard a jock on the door it was Harry he just tops their like a dead fish he said wow I blushed we got to the dance I had to pee so I went to the ladies room when I came back I saw Harry kissing hayliegh I saw he turned his head and saw me crying I ran got in my car I tuened on the radio trouble by Taylor swift I was crying and singing at the same time when I got to the house the boys just they were sing a song called little white lies and I started to cry again I said can you record that fore they said yes and I ran upstairs I called Harry that scum and I screamed its over I hung up the phone I heard a knock on the front door Liam opened it and it was Harry he screamed Diana babe he came into my room lisning to Niall sing little white lies I said this your them song I said Niall can I stay at your place Niall said shore I said thanks right when I was about to leave Harry came and hugged me I couldn't escape so I just gave in and u kissed him so passionit I was so happy he said hayliegh kissed him I started crying and he hugged me and I said she always wants to ruine my life I said harry I love you he said babe I love you to I told Harry that I am going on the X factor he said well are you going to win. I said duh he hugged me then Niall came in to is hugging and kissing Niall said GET A ROOM I blushed I ran outside and saw Liam on the ground I screamed HARRY BABE COME QUICK he came running and stopped dead in his tracks Louis had punched him because elanore had kissed Liam when he was walking to Harry and my house and Liam told Louis what had happened Louis said I will &@$#£€¥ punch you and he punched him to the ground ran to Louis and I punched him in the face and he fell to the ground I guess he forgot that I taken. Karate. He was out cold I ran to Liam he said Diana are you ok I said k will be once I get you in the house he told me what happens Louis came running in the house you little $#!?€#^> I ran to Harry and Louis came running after me you said what do you fucking punch me. I said because you hurt one of my friends. He said at whatever and ran to Harry's rom after that I was tired so went to bed I woke up and smell bacon eggs and hash browns I ran down the stairs and i tripped and fell on my good arm and I screamed Harry came and said Diana what's wrong and the boys stayed the night so they came running in an Harry and Niall carried me to the car when we got to the hospital the doctor said Diana you fractured your good arm so you will have to wear a brace this is going to suck omg and I am going to die I hate it harry said hey babe I love you do t ever change and kissed me 😘😘😘


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