Diana finds love



8. lunch

They let me sit at the lprep table so I Ido and when me and Harry when to music he sang isn't she lovely and kissed my hand when he did it I wanted to cry and everybody said awwwww it's was so romantic then in art we had to dray a picture and Harry drew me and u drew him he said I was his muse and I giggled Nd ke kissed my cheek then in language arts we had the papers were you wrote the person thing I got Harry's and now I no who wrote it awww it was so sweet anyway then we got new seats I sat infront of Harry and he loved to play with my hair I lived it and then social studies our teacher was sick so it was a free period so Harry and I cuddled all periodand when u got home me and Harry watched a movie and I was scared so we cuddled so then I went to bed and there was a storm and it thunderd and I screamed. Harry came in and cuddled with me

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