BODYGUARD || Liam Payne Fan Fiction ||

"Dear diary, who knew things could go so wrong in less than a month. After everything that happened with my former bodyguard, it was my natural instinct to keep my distance & treat him like a bodyguard, not a friend. His purpose was to be there to look after me & protect me. Just until we knew I was safe. But it felt like... He was more to me than just a bodyguard. That's the thing though, we made a deal. He's nothing more, nothing less. Just my bodyguard. At least... That's what I was telling myself."


1. BODYGUARD: Definition

Bod·y·guard (bd-gärd)

-A person or group of people, usually armed, responsible for the safety of one or more people.




This is the rest of the blurb for the story :)


"20 year old, Kay Jefferson is one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. She's the best triple threat out there. She sings, dances and she's studying at the University of Harvard in her spare time. Studying to be high school teacher. But this year, Kay's life is in danger. Her bodyguard murdered her parents and tried to kill her and her brother, but he was caught. Before shooting himself straight through the head, he hints out that there are others who are on the same boat as him. "KILL KAY JEFFERSON NO MATTER THE COST." After a while of mourning, Kay goes on the look out for a new bodyguard. But this time, she's making sure she doesn't get too close to him, but close enough to know she can trust him. Soon enough, Kay finds her bodyguard, a tall, fit, 25 year old brunette guy, named Liam Payne. Payne is known for being professional and taking good care of the people he works for. He's perfect, right? He protects her and she pays him. Done deal. No need for friendship, strictly professional. Just as it usually is for Payne. But something is different this time… Whether that's good or bad, neither of them have decided yet. Kay and Liam both realize that from the day they made that deal, their lives changed forever and this "job" is more to them than they could have ever imagined."




All rights reserved. Please do not copy, I did get this idea from that Whitney Houston movie... Even though I haven't completely seen it yet. I hope this doesn't tamper with your thoughts on Liam Payne, his personality in this book is simply fiction. I really doubt he's anything like this...

Kay will be played by Selena Gomez :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this very much :)



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