The Inked Fae

Faylin has just turned 18 but has woken up to a mysterious watercolour horse tattoo on her arm and her mum seems like she won't believe her story about the fact that she has no idea of how it got there. But when Fay questions her mother about her fathers disappearence when she was a baby, everything starts falling into place and it turns out that her mum, Loralei knows more than Fay thinks. Soon Fay will understand the reason for her fathers disappearence and the blood which proves who she really is.



Hey guys !! I have a bit of bad news to share but some good news too !!


So recently I met up with a woman who knows a lot about writing and the publishing process thanks to my Youth worker who has been working hard to help me out with getting my writing out to the world and find someone who knows their stuff of the "author world".


Due to some very smart advice that she gave me, I have made the hard decision to stop posting chapters of my story, "The Inked Fae" to my Movellas profile or anywhere on the internet.


The reason for this is that I do take my writing and this novel in particular very seriously, therefore I am taking the right precautions in order to protect my story and ensure that I am not turned down by any publisher that may notice these frequent posts and say, "Well why should we publish your book when you can get it for free on the internet?".


It sucks because I would really like to share with everyone my pride and joy -- my baby that I have created as Stephenie Meyer would say -- with all of you that have become my movellian fans and anyone else who has taken interest in my story and my skill as a young author. But if I want to be taken seriously and actually have my book sell through a publisher, I can't be giving it out for free as much as I would love to.


Writing will eventually become a job and a career which means that I'll be utilizing my skills to earn myself a living for my partner and daughter who will soon be born. I need to be able to do that and not be ruining my chance of ever getting where I want to be in life.


A message to those who are like me and want to have their writing taken seriously: I would take my advice and do the same. If you have a passage of writing that you want to eventually publish, don't post it up on the internet. One big reason is the one I stated earlier; you are practically giving it out for free and people will find it instead of buying your book and you won't make any money from it. A second great reason is because people steal, a sad truth but people will steal your work from you and might try and publish it as their own. This way you can't prove that you actually wrote it. Publishing your own work either through a publisher or self publishing is a way of ensuring that your work is copyrighted.


I am really sad to have to do this but I really don't want to lose a possible chance of having my book published in the future because I have put so much time, effort and dedication into brainstorming, researching and writing this novel.


On the upside, I will be leaving the 4 already written chapters up as an excerpt of the novel in a way so you all have a taste of what the story is like and what's to come. I will also keep posting to my movellas of other stories such as "Shadow Girl" that aren't so important or just random stuff that I come up with to keep you guys interested. I will also keep posting regularly to my blog because that is part of what might get me noticed in the online world as an author.


Thanks so much to everyone for taking the time to read my story and commenting about what you think. Honestly, every view means something to me because someone is actually taking the time to check my work out and as a young author that is pretty vital - especially if you want to be noticed. Plus I am just grateful for every lovely comment and even constructive criticism that you guys give because all that contributes to my confidence and makes me a better writer.


I hope that you all continue to have me favourited as an author and read what I post. I will do my very best to entertain.



Ella Fleming-Christie

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