I wish i could tell you (finshed)

Haley is a 21 year old who's homeless and can't tell anyone why because if she does she could get kill she here's about winning free 1D ticket does she win are is she to late and if she does will she fall in love with louis ???


3. meeting one direction


The guy stops at the door and says are u ready to meet one direction I replied with yeah so he opens the and they just looked at me then they all say hi and then me and louis started talking I started getting nervous louis said what's your name love haley I replied he's said that a lovely named for a lovely girl he winked at me and I started blushing he's really cute want meet him somewhere alone like a date


The door opens and there is the lovely mate my eyes meet with in the crowed ok Lou don't scare her we all just said hi and then me and her just started talking she said haley her is lovely I replied with that's a lovely name for a lovely girl wink I could see her blushing so then harry asked so mate where do you live ??


Harry asked so mate where do you live ?? I don't know If I should tell him the truth or lie I guess the truth Mmmm..........,, I live on the street i said quietly ohhhhhhhhhhhhh they all sorry well then we all got silent then louis said "u can live with us""really "I said everybody mouth open wide then harry "can I talk to u louis seen we live together !!" "Ok" he replied they walked to the Side of the room and I tried to make out what they r saying but I can't so me and Niall started talking and he said "so how did you become homeless ?" "I don't really want to talk about it "


U can live with us I said harry said "can I talk to u seen we live together " " ok " I replied and we walked over to the side of the room " I don't think that's a good idea " " why " I said back " because she a fan " " I think I love her " i said back he said " ok fine but I u get hurt boobear if you get hurt i tried to tell u " "I know harry " I turn around to see Niall talking to haley what r they talking about ??

Sorry if it short please like it

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