Mirror, Mirror

Dakota, age 15, goes through a rough time after her parents pass away, and is left with her 17 year old brother, Logan.

Over time, she learns a few things.

Mainly, confidence.


1. What I See



The mirror was my worst friend. It showed me, which wasn't good enough. It showed a coward, an ugly coward. I was in my room, and the mirror wasn't covered with the usual tissue paper that hid my reflection, but was now crumpled in the trash. I knew who did this. My older brother, Logan, was the only one I lived with now. He was the only one I had left.


I got the paper out of the trash can and gently started taping it back over my mirror, where I wanted it. I would just take the mirror down but sometimes it's a good thing to have. I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when my bedroom door opened to an angry Logan. "I just don't understand, Dakota. Why?" I didn't get the chance to answer him because he grabbed the paper from my hands and stormed out the door, leaving me alone with an open reflection.


I didn't know what else to do but go to my music. Music helps me think. Even though I know Logan is only trying to help me, he just doesn't understand. He is the only person I have, but in some situations, I wish I had someone else who knew.


Knew what I was going through.


But in life, some problems you just have to solve yourself. So I try my best. School is rough but Izabella helps a lot. She is my only friend, being in only two classes of mine. I was lucky I got seated next to her in science that first day.


That was the first day of school that I didn't tell my mother or father goodbye.

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