Mirror, Mirror

Dakota, age 15, goes through a rough time after her parents pass away, and is left with her 17 year old brother, Logan.

Over time, she learns a few things.

Mainly, confidence.


2. Through the Halls

Since it was Monday, I usually just get up late and go to school tardy because who wants to get up early to go to Algebra. Besides, Izabella isn't even in that class.

I get out of Logan's car, with my headphones in, dreading the fact that I have to walk in when I'd rather be in bed.

After Logan and I sign in that we were late, I head to my class, and he heads to his. I have to walk  up to the second floor, not without getting the usual strange looks in the hall. It's kind of like I can tell what they are thinking of me. It's like a voice inside my head. Telling me horrible things. And I can see their expressions. Their faces look disgusted. I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

I'm quiet. I don't try to draw too much attention to me. But that can be hard considering I'm one of the most clumsiest person around. 

Basically, I'm a freak.

And I know it, too.

Mainly everyone thinks it. Izabella has probably felt that way. I can tell sometimes she is embarrassed to be around me. 

Logan is probably the most embarrassed of me. Him being the popular, smart, cute football player. He refuses to talk to me at school while he is around his friends, like most siblings. Most of his friends don't know he even has a sibling. He does make an effort to smile at me in the hall, but he has to make sure no one sees. 

He is ashamed of me.

Most people are scared to be around Dakota the freak.






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