The diary switch


4. caught!

~~Louis' pov

I woke up in my bed not remembering coming home. I am just waking up gathering my thoughts and collecting my vision back when I look around in my room my eyes meet with my moms. She never comes into my room unless its bad...she probably is mad I got home late.

"Louis what were  doing last night?" said my mom angrily

"oh working on the project with harry" I said kind of scared

"oh what's the project how you do it were you guys just testing it out" said my mom

"oh mom im sorry but I love harry im gay I love you mom" I whimpered

"I will not be raising a gay child in my house pack your bags or change who you are I don't love anyone gay" she said harshly

I just starred at her crying, I love my mom but I love harry I had to make a decision now....

"anything you have to say Louis?" she said

with tears drowning my eyes I said " who's harry"

my mom smiled and said "im glad we are on the same page I love you honey"

I looked down at the ground sad as ever then harry called I told him never to call again his last words were "but I love you lou" I felt so sad but I love my mom I don't know what's going to happen now. how will I avoid harry? the love of my life


Harrys pov

WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! my love lou he told me not to talk to him he told me he loved me all of a sudden he hates me my mom came in the room I don't know how but she knows im gay. she told me no gays allowed in the house and what ever decision I make is final. so I left home I love Louis im desperate for him even if it means living on the streets


Hi guys xD so I hope you like this chapter its extra short because I wanted to leave you all off with a cliff hanger xD thanks xoxoxoxo


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