Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


14. little imagine

AN// Hello! I haven't been able to write because, I'm helping my friend by tutoring her. And also my harry fan-fic that I'm writing, has a lot of mistakes in it. So here's ALITTLE imagine.


Louis's POV;;

"Steph! Come on. Hurry up " I yelled.

" hold on! " she yelled back. I hated this about Steph, she was to much of a goodie-goodie. That's why I'm making her break the rules tonight. I was taking her to this wild party. You know those types of parties that you see on T.V. But Steph doesn't know that. I told her that we were going to the " library" to finish our project.

" sorry, I took so long. I was telling my parents were we were going. " she said to me, as she was getting into the car.

" it's okay. Anyways I have a " gift " for you. " I told her, as I started the engine. I handed her the bag.

" holy shit. Why would you give me all of this. " she said as she was taking out everything in the bag. She extend the folded dress, and just stared at it. " louis. This dress exposes to much skin. Plus it looks really, really tight. Especially since the material is leather. " she said to me.

" we'll what's so wrong about it being tight? Plus, I have this leather jacket, that you can wear over it. " I said to her.

I stopped, at a public restroom. While we got there me and Steph argued, about the whole dress situation. Finally she got tired of arguing with me, and agreed to put on the dress. Then she said that she didn't wear makeup because it caused acne. So then I told her that it only causes acne if you don't take off all the makeup before you go to sleep.

I watched her, get out of the car. With the bag on one hand, and the heels on the other.


I honestly didn't know why, I had to get all dressed up to go to a library. But I have to admit the outfit Lou bought for me was kinda cute, I guess. I mean I'm not the type of girl to wear this kind of stuff. But hey, louis is bestfriend.

I changed into the clothes Lou bought for me. Now the only problem was the makeup part. I honestly didn't know how to put on makeup. We'll i do. But not like the type of makeup to match with this outfit. So I kinda just stood there, looking at all the makeup in front of me. I still couldn't believe louis, got the makeup to be the same color as my skin.

Then the door opened, and this girl who looked about in her 20's walked in. I didn't stare at her, because I was to busy thinking of a way to put on all of this makeup.

" hey, do you um need some help putting that on? " she asked me.

" um. I um. " I stuttered and then finally let out a sigh.

" yes. I do. " I relied to her

She came over and looked inside the bag. She started patting,Smoothing, mixing. Stuff for a while until she was finally done. I looked in the mirror and gasped.

" holy shit, I look different " I said in amazement

" that my friend is the power of makeup. " she said

I handed her $20. But she denied them.

" it's okay. You keep them. Makeup is sorta my thing. " she said and went into the stall.

" thank you so much! " I yelled as I walked out.


It felt like I've been waiting Forever. I mean I know Stephanie can't do her makeup. But god, I imagined she would of figured it out already. I looked at the time on my phone.


If she doesn't hurry up, were going to be late.

I saw the bathroom door open. And out came walking Stephanie. My mouth dropped. Holy fucking shit. She looked perfect. Like this punk rock chick. Minus the piercing, and TATTOS.

She opened the car door, and hoped in. I tried to act normal. Because I still wasn't ready to tell her how I really felt about her.

" we'll you look nice " I said to her.

" thank you " she replied.

I stopped the car infront of the house. The music was booming through the door. There were people outside making out. And some naked guy lying on the floor.

" louis. What are we going here." She asked in a nervous voice.

" it's a party. I knew you wouldn't come, unless it was school related. " I said to her.

" lou. I'm not getting out of this car. " she said to me.

" okay then. " I said to her. I got out of the car, and ran to the passenger side, were Stephanie was sitting. She tried locking the door, but I opened it before she could lock it.

I pulled her arm, but then she tensed her self. I sighed and put my hand behind her back. And my other hand on her knees.

" Lou! What are you doing! " she said to me.

I lifted her up, and put her on my shoulders. Her butt, was on the left side of my cheek. But I positioned her so it wouldn't be there anymore.

I carried her inside the house. The music was loud that I could Bearly hear what she was saying. I grabbed her arm, and went into the kitchen.

" louis, I don't want to be here. Guys are staring at me! " she said into my ear.

" please just for a little bit " I replied into her ear.

She sighed and nodded her head. I got her a cup, wich had tequila in it. She didn't ask any question she just drank it. She made a face, and shook her head.

" get me more! " she said into my ear. I nodded and went to get her another cup.

My friend Ronald, wich is the guy who threw this party. Came over and told me to go with him. I nodded and left.

By the time I was back. Stephanie was giving this dude a lap dance. While his hands were all over her. I felt so mad! How could she let a complete stranger touch her like that! I went over and pulled her off of him.

" what are you doing! " I said to her

" I'm partying! Now let go of me and let me go have fun. " she yelled at me. Her breath reeked of alcohol. It was a mistake bringing her here. Then she went running. I couldn't see were she went , because there was a bunch of people dancing everywhere.

I went outside. Ronald was there with some other guys. He motioned me to go over there.

" EY! You have to smoke some of this shit!. It makes you all happy. And relaxes you. " he said to me. I only smoked pot, 3 times but when I was in middle school. But I thought, hey I do need to relax.

I took 3 hits, because I knew that I had to keep my mind open. And focused.

I went inside, to get a bottle of water. I saw Stephanie going upstairs with some dude. I tried to get though the crowd of people as fast as I could. Before I could catch up to them. They were already in a room. I knocked on the door as hard as I could. Then I heard the voice of a guy yell " I'm busy ". Then I knocked one more time. I wasn't giving up. The guy finally opened, he was only in his boxers. I pushed him to the side, and ran towards Stephanie. Her dress was pulled up to expose part of her underwear. I lifted her over my shoulder and went outside

I put Stephanie in the passenger seat, and put on her seatbelt. I went over to the driver seat and started the car. Stephanie took off her seatbelt. And leaned over, so that our noses were touching. Then she whispered in my ear

" I have always loved you " she said. Then she put her lips on mine. I pushed her away.

" no. This isn't how I wanted my kiss with you to be. " I said to her.

I positioned her on her seat, and put on her seat belt.

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