Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


8. chapter 7 :)

 RECAP; i woke up,and niall wasnt beside me, i screamed his name, no response. i panicked, i went downstairs. i stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down.  i saw mary , and niall was there on the ground unconcious, "miss me bitch?" mary said with a smirk.



fuck" , i said in my head. "what the fuck are you doing here" i yelled to her, "the cops let me go" she said with a wink , "anyways,i'm here for you bitch!" she yelled. she rushed twoards me, i grabbed the doorknob, but before i could turn it, i felt a hand pull me back. i tumbled down the stairs, i hit the cold hard floor, i tried to get up , but i couldn't . I dragged myself to the wall, i held my stomach , " i'm not done with you bitch!" she yelled. i heard her footsteps, i prayed she wouldn't notice me. "found you!" she said and knelt down right infront of me, she punched me 3 times , on both my right cheek and left.i was bleeding , "  y-you bitch" i told her and spit in her face. she started choking me, i struggled to pull her hands off , but she just tightend her grip. 


i heard the door slam open, it was my brother Louis


i took my bags out of the trunk of my car,"home , sweet home"  , i whispered to myself. i opend the door. i found my mum strangaling my sister Anna. my mouth dropped open .

why would my mom do this?

how long has this been happening?

i shouldn't have left. 


i rushed twoards them , i pulled my mom off Anna. Anna gasped for air, i stood infront of my "mum", why would you do this to your own daughter! i spat at her, "because she doesn't deserve to be here!" my mum said. she does deserve to be here! i yelled at her, "no she doesn't, shes worthless"my mom yelled at back at me. i saw a tear fall down Anna's left cheek. "your acting like this because of dad.... " i whispered. " don't mention his name!" she yelled and slapped me , i felt anger rising inside me, " you bi- . i didn't get to finish my sentence when the door burst open, a lot of police men were around us . "GET HER!" one of the officers yelled, a tall muscular  guy, grabbed my moms arm and took her out of the house. "'ll be back you bitches" she said with a creepy grin.

the cops left and everything was silent. i  pulled Anna close to me and gave her a hug, she started crying in my arms, i held her tight " i wont let anybody hurt you ever again" i said to her and kissed the top of her head. she pulled away, and kissed my cheek.

"OH MY GOSH! NIALL!" she said, and rushed to some blonde kid, who was on the floor unconcious. she knelt down,put his head on her lap she started crying and mumbled "im sorry". "you want me to take him to the hospital"? i asked , she nodded and sniffled 

i layed the blonde haired guy in the back seat of my car ,anna sat in the passenger seat. i started the car and rode off.


annas POV;



i waited nervously in the waiting lounge, "please god,let him survive,hes the 2 thing i have in this world" i said in my head. 30 minutes passed. 

an old man, walked twoards us "ms, tomlison"? he said 

yes? i said and got up. "im afraid i have bad news" he said , i felt my lip quiver, tears were forming in my eyes, "what is it" i manged to say. "well niall got hit on the head pretty bad,it cost some few brain cells to malfunction , and well what im trying to say is, niall lost his memory". 


A/N: oh my goodjsdv vgbh , ;DD well i really hope you guys enjoy this chapter :) and yes, i probably have alot of spelling mistakes etc. its that i wrote this chapter on my computer ._. well 5 likes for the next chapter :P (and ive been talking to some amazayn people on kik <3  i would give them a "shout out" but i dont know there names on movella ;\)  well byeeee. i love you guys :D (btw sorry if its a short chapter

So I just realized this is SUPER , short :/ I'm sorry Guys, I promise the next chapter is gonna be long :3 .



Little An/ so it didn't want to upload chapter 8 -.- so I'll just put it here :)

RECAP; (I was in the hospital,because Mary had hit Niall really hard in the head, causing him to go unconscious.)



I kept replaying those 3 words in my head

" Niall lost his memory" .

I broke down, I thought

What if he forgets about me,what if he forgets about us .....

That' made me cry harder, I can't loose him, he means to much for me .

10 minutes later-

" ms. Tomlinson , if you would like, you may go see him" a nurse said to me.

I stood up, and walked towards room 36B RECAP; (I was in the hospital,because Mary had hit Niall really hard in the head, causing him to go unconscious.)



I kept replaying those 3 words in my head

" Niall lost his memory" .

I broke down, I thought

What if he forgets about me,what if he forgets about us .....

That' made me cry harder, I can't loose him, he means to much for me .

10 minutes later-

" ms. Tomlinson , if you would like, you may go see him, he's in room 36B " a nurse said to me.

I stood up, and walked towards room 36B

So many thoughts rushed through my head, l tought, don't forget about us.

I found room 36B, I opened the door, and found Niall laying on the bed, he looked pale,more than usual. It hurt me seeing him like this, I swear I'm going to get back at Mary for what she did to niall.


*in nialls dream*

RUN! RUN! a girl with brown hair yelled to me

I ran, I didn't know we're I was running to,but I just ran. I heard a gunshot, which was followed by screaming. I turned around and saw the brown haired girl on the floor,blood was coming out of her mouth and she was holding her rib cage . "I'm coming for you soon" a lady that looked in her 40's said to me. I ran and got to 2 story White House, I went inside and hid in a violet colored room. I hid in a girls closet, I heard the door slam,

" I'm sorry that I couldn't save you" the girl with brown hair said, another gun shot the girl collapsed on the ground

ANNA! I yelled


ANNA! It was Niall. I rushed towards niall's side what's wrong? I asked Niall. "Who are you"? Niall said to me, with a confused look on his face,. I'm anna, your girlfriend I said in a whisper, I felt a tear fall down my cheek, Niall wiped away my tear with his thumb.

I'm sorry I have to go, I told Niall. I walked out the door before he could say anything. I slumped down in front of the door and hurried my face in my hands, it hurts knowing that he doesn't remember me, after everything that's happened, but I can't blame him. I cried and cried it hurt so much. I felt a hand touch my knee, I looked up to see who it was. It was louis.

"What's wrong?" He asked while sticking his hand out at me. I took it and stood up. He pulled me close to him, "don't worry everything is going to be okay" he told me and gave me a little squeeze. I hugged his waist, I felt something wet drop on my head. " I promised dad that i would protect you, and that I would take good care of you and make you feel safe . I broke that promise". You tried louis that's all that matters, and you know he's proud of you , I told him. He pulled away and punched the wall, he started crying, I took both of his hands and looked into his eyes, he's proud of you louis, and proud of everything you've done.

Nialls POV;

I felt bad, seeing that brown haired girl crying, it hurt me. But what hurt me more was that I could tell she really cared and that' she said that she was my


After all she did look like my type, brown hair,hazelnut eyes, nice bum, a caring personality.

She looked a lot like the girl ANNA in my dreams, I wish I remembered her, I could tell by her eyes that she was really worried, I couldn't really remember what happened. All I remember was waking up to "Anna" and going downstairs, then everything went blank. I really liked ANNA even if I didn't even remember her, something about her was familiar. My thoughts were interrupted by the doctor

"Hi Niall,how are you doing? would you like some food" he asked me

"Yes!! I shouted

The doctor chuckled " I'll get a nurse right with you" and with that he left.

10 minutes later a nurse came with some McDonald's .

"Here you go mr.horan" she said with a smile and left. She had a small bum, I laughed. I yawned. Maybe I'll take a little nap, I said out loud, and drifted off to sleep.


I left the lunch room and went back to nialls room. I peeked through the door to see if Niall was asleep. He was. I opened the door a bit wider and stepped in the room, I sat down in a comfy black chair. I started to read a magazine about food.

"Anna it's time to go home" louis said.

Okay just give me a few more minutes, I told him

"Okay, I'll meet you downstairs". He said and left

I walked over to nialls side, he looked so cute sleeping , it's sad that he doesn't remember everything we have been through. I leaned down and kissed his lips, I was about to pull away when I felt Niall kiss me back. I didn't back away or anything instead I put my hands through his hair, and he put his hand just a little bit below my waist. I pulled away to get some air,

" that felt right" Niall said with a little smile

Yes , yes it did I told him and smiled.

"I'm really sorry, I can't remember you ANNA." Niall said

I didn't reply, I just kissed his lips.

I have to go Niall, I said and pulled away, I promise I'll come back tommorow I said with a smile .

"Okay ANNA , you promise ? He said with a grin

I promise Niall, I said and pecked his cheek

" bye ANNA"

Bye Niall


AN: hey guys ! sorry it took me a long time to write it, it's that I've been really busy with school. We'll I really hope you guys like it I wrote a paragraph were louis and Anna were having a sister and bonding time but it got deleted :( I'll maybe add it on the next chapter 💁 ( 6 likes for the next chapter!) and guys I'm deciding to have a contest! :) I'm picking one girl to play the role of ANNAS good friend(and you'll get to date your fave 1D cutie 💃) all you have to do is

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